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Inverted Fluorescence Microscopes

If you are dealing with cell culture, handling liquids in your device, an inverted biological microscope is an essential tool to have. One likes to make a video of living cells to know how they grow, divide or die and its rate, you need an inverted biological microscope, a digital camera and software for the time-lapse mode.

What to consider in selecting an inverted fluorescence microscope?

Objective lenses-magnification: normally the inverted microscopes come with 10x, 20x and 40x obj lenses, some models include 4x. A 4x obj lens allows seeing an entire field of a well in a 96-well plate. You can get obj lenses from 1.25x till 150x and even more.

Objective lenses-Working distance: Working distance (WD) of an objective lens is defined as a distance from the edge of the lens until the specimen. If you use a 100x/NA 1.25/WD: 0.12mm to see tissue culture cells inside a well of a 96-well plate, you will see nothing! Why? Because the thickness of well plate plastic is around 0.5mm which is longer than lens WD=0.12mm.

Phase Contrast: generally speaking 10x, 20x and 40x obj lenses with Phase Contrast are available. Depending on the model you can expect a 4x Ph as well.

Filter slider vs. Filter wheel

Triple Band Filter


Upgrade: Think of long future use of the microscope. Can you upgrade it to have more features? Having more filters, switching from HBO to LED, more spots for extra obj lenses, might be having polarized, darkfield, and probably DIC Nomarski are examples of the questions we ask our clients before suggesting a model.

BIOIMAGER’s inverted fluorescence microscopes are available at low price and versatile designs and configurations. It comes with trinocular head or side video port to attach a CCD digital camera, to have a live view of your cells or any stained fluorescent specimen. We offer over 40 filters from UV to far red with HBO, LED or Xenon illumination.

Customized filters are available for all epi-fluorescence microscope models.Contact us for details.

Please select the products based on your requirements from the left side list or below table:

Inverted Fluorescence Upright Fluorescence Stereo Fluorescence Digital Fluorescence
BUM500DIC Upright Biological Microscope with DIC and Phase Contrast Imaging-10756
Heating Stages Fluorescence Accessories Objective Lenses OEM

A highly recommended accessory for all fluorescence microscope is fluorescent alignment objective lens:

Epi-fluorescent Illumination Alignment Tool / Objective Lens

Details of a representative inverted fluorescence microscope:

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