Upright Fluorescence

Upright Fluorescence
Bioimager's upright fluorescence microscopes are offered with LED or Mercury light, GFP and RFP filters, 4x-100x lenses, for FISH, cytology & plant imaging.Continue Reading...
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Upright Fluorescence Microscopes

BIOIMAGER’s upright fluorescence microscopes are offered with LED, HBO or Xenon illumination, includes GFP and RFP filters with optional filters from UV to far red. It can include plan apo lenses. We also offer motorized focus; Automatic Brightness Control System; LED Fluorescence Attachment; Quintuple nosepiece (Optional: sextuple or motorized with DIC slot); Objective Lenses: IOS Plan; (Optional: Semi-Apo Fluor E-Plan or high grade); Standard Stage; Optional: Belt drive, Ceramic, Motorized.

When you select a fluorescence microscope, you may take these into account:

1. What fluorophores or filters do I need?

  • Emission color is normally one color/bandwidth above the excitation channel. For instances, the excitation for GFP is blue but emission is green. Similarly, we use green excitation but red emission filter for RFP/mCheery/TexasRed filters.
  • We have filters from Visible to far red and infrared (300nm-1800nm), over 150 sets.

2.  Do I need a multi-band filter? A dual, triple and even 5-band multi-wavelength filters are available to collect multiple channels in one shot.

3. What light source: LED or HBO? How about Xenon?

  • HBO is a traditional light source with a wide spectrum of wavelength for the visible range at low cost and around 200-3000 hours lifetime.
  • LED source is available from UV to IR, at the selected wavelength, with little bit extra cost from 10,000 hours lifetime up to 100,000 hours ( you will be retired from the job).

4. What type of microscope am I better to choose: stereoscope, inverted or upright? please read each category separately to find the answers.

5. More questions? Simply contact us by phone, email or live chat.

Please select the products based on your requirements from the left side list or below table:

Inverted Fluorescence Upright Fluorescence Stereo Fluorescence Digital Fluorescence
BUM500DIC Upright Biological Microscope with DIC and Phase Contrast Imaging-10756
Heating Stages Fluorescence Accessories Objective Lenses OEM

A highly recommended accessory for all fluorescence microscope is fluorescent alignment objective lens:

Epi-fluorescent Illumination Alignment Tool / Objective Lens

Detailed description of a representative upright fluorescence microscope:


Video 1. LED Fluorescent Attachment for upright Microscopes

This video demonstrates Bioimager BUM360FLED-A LED Fluorescence attachment to use with a standard upright microscope. It comes with 5W LED of Violet (V), Ultraviolet (UV), Blue (B) and Green (G) LEDs, and its correspondent excitation and emission filters. The video demonstrates the optics and mechanics as well as sample images at different magnifications.

Video 2.:  Intro to Fluorescence Microscopy