BIM630FL LED Fluorescent Inverted Biological Microscope

$USD 8,700.00

  • Inverted Fluorescence Microscope
  • LED brightfield and fluorescence imaging
  • Long working distance objective lenses  with focal length of 60mm (despite classic lenses of FL=45mm)
  • Long working distance condenser 75mm, NA0.3
  • Tiltable transmitted brightfield illumination arm and vieiwing head
  • 4x BF,FL and 10x, 20x and 40x brightfield, phase contrast and fluorescent Plan Semi-Apo lenses
  • Optional Hoffman Modulation Phase Contrast and 3D Emboss Contrast observation for 10x, 20x, 40x lenses
  • Up to 3 different LED light source and B, G, U fluorescent filter blocks
  • Large XY stage 170mm(X) × 250 (Y)mm, with moving range of 128mm (X) × 80 (Y)mm.
  • Plenty of sample holders

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Introduction BIM630Fl Inverted Fluorescence Microscope

Introducing the BIM630FL Inverted Biological Microscope, an advanced microscope designed specifically for medical and health units, universities, and research institutes to facilitate the observation of cultured living cells. With its cutting-edge infinite optical system and user-friendly ergonomic design, this microscope offers exceptional optical performance and effortless operation.

Equipped with long-lasting LED lamps for both transmitted and fluorescent light sources, the BIM630FL ensures reliable illumination. Additionally, it allows the integration of digital cameras on the left side, enabling users to capture photos, record videos, and perform measurements seamlessly. The tilting head provides a comfortable working position, while the adjustable angle of the transmitted illumination arm facilitates easy movement of petri-dishes or flasks.

The BIM630FL boasts an intelligent illumination management system, automatically adjusting the illumination intensity based on the selected objectives. This feature ensures optimal illumination for precise observations. Moreover, the microscope includes an LCD screen that displays essential information such as magnification, light intensity, transmitted or fluorescent light source, and working or sleep mode, enhancing convenience during operation.

Experience the exceptional capabilities of the BIM630FL Inverted Biological Microscope, an invaluable tool for the study of living cells in various academic and research settings.

Features of BIM630FL

  1. A superior observation experience with the BIM630FL’s exceptional infinite optical system, Φ22mm wide field eyepiece, and 5°-35° inclined viewing head, ensuring optimal comfort.
  2. Uninterrupted operation with the camera port conveniently located on the left side. The light distribution options of 100:0 (100% for eyepiece) or 0:100 (100% for camera) minimize any disruptions.
  3. A long working distance condenser with a numerical aperture (N.A.) of 0.30, providing a working distance of 75mm (with condenser) for enhanced convenience.
  4. Facilitate your research with the BIM630FL’s generously sized stage, designed for convenience. The stage measures 170mm (X) × 250mm (Y), and the mechanical stage offers a moving range of 128mm (X) × 80mm (Y). Moreover, the microscope provides various petri-dish holders to accommodate different sample requirements.
  5. The BIM630FL is equipped with an advanced intelligent illumination management system, offering the following capabilities:

    • Coded Quintuple Nosepiece: This innovative feature allows the microscope to memorize the illumination brightness for each objective. When switching between different objectives, the light intensity is automatically adjusted to minimize visual fatigue and enhance work efficiency.
    • Convenient Dimming Knob: Located on the left side of the base, the dimming knob serves multiple functions:
      • Click: Activates the standby (sleep) mode for energy-saving purposes.
      • Double click: Enables the lock or unlock of the light intensity.
      • Rotation: Adjusts the brightness level according to your preference.
      • Press + clockwise rotation: Switches to the transmitted light source.
      • Press + counterclockwise rotation: Switches to the fluorescent light source.
      • Press for 3 seconds: Allows you to set the duration for automatically turning off the light after leaving.
    • Working Mode Display: The microscope features an LCD screen located on the front, providing a clear display of the current working mode. This includes information such as magnification, light intensity, sleep mode, and more, ensuring easy monitoring and control of microscope settings.
    1. Enjoy a well-designed and user-friendly control mechanism on the microscope.

    The frequently used controls are conveniently positioned close to the user and within easy reach, ensuring quick and convenient operation while reducing fatigue during long observation periods. This thoughtful layout also minimizes airflow and dust caused by extensive movements, effectively reducing the risk of sample contamination. Such design considerations provide a strong assurance for the accuracy and repeatability of experimental results.

    1. Experience a compact, stable microscope body suitable for clean benches.

    The microscope body is designed to be compact and stable, making it an ideal fit for clean benches. Coated with anti-UV material, it can be safely placed inside the clean bench for sterilization under a UV lamp. The short distance between the eye point, operation buttons, and focusing knob, along with the ample distance from the stage, allows for a setup where the viewing head and operating mechanism are positioned outside the clean bench, while the stage, objectives, and samples remain inside. This configuration enables seamless cell sampling and operation inside the clean bench while providing comfortable observation from the outside.

    1. Explore various observation methods with transmitted illumination, including Phase Contrast, Hoffman Modulation Phase Contrast, and 3D Emboss Contrast:
    • Phase Contrast: Utilizing changes in refractive index, this technique produces high-contrast microscopic images of transparent samples without the need for staining or fluorescent dyes. It is particularly useful for imaging living cells, microorganisms, tissue slides, cell nuclei, and organelles.
    • Hoffman Modulation Phase Contrast: By employing slant light, this method converts phase gradients into variations in light intensity. It allows the observation of unstained and living cells while providing a 3D effect for thick samples, effectively reducing halo artifacts in thick specimens.
    • 3D Emboss Contrast: This technique achieves a pseudo 3D glare-free image without the need for expensive optical components. It involves the addition of a contrast adjustment slider, enabling the capture of three-dimensional-like images. Both glass and plastic culture dishes can be used with this method.
    1. Optionally enhance your microscopy capabilities with an LED Fluorescent attachment.
    • LED light source simplifies fluorescent observation, providing ease of use and convenience.
    • The combination of a fly-eye lens and Kohler illumination ensures a uniform and bright field of view, resulting in high-definition images with perfect details. Compared to traditional mercury bulbs, LED lamps offer significantly longer working life, saving costs and greatly improving efficiency. Additionally, LED lamps eliminate the issues associated with preheating, cooling, and high temperatures typically encountered with mercury lamps.
    • The LED fluorescent attachment is compatible with a wide range of fluorescent dyes, thanks to the inclusion of three fluorescent filter blocks. It enables the capture of clear, high-contrast fluorescence images, expanding the versatility and applicability of the microscope.
    1. Maintain optimal comfort during operation with the BIM630FL’s tiltable viewing head, allowing you to find the most comfortable position whether you are sitting or standing.
    2. Benefit from the tiltable transmitted illumination column, specially designed to accommodate culture dishes used in cell observation. As these dishes often have larger volumes and areas, the tiltable column provides ample space for convenient sample replacement, making operations more user-friendly.

BIM630FL LED Fluorescent Inverted Biological Microscope

The BIM630FL Inverted Biological Microscope is an advanced microscope specifically engineered for observing cultured living cells in medical and health units, universities, and research institutes. It combines a high level of functionality with a focus on optical precision and user-friendly features.

With its innovative infinite optical system and ergonomic design, the microscope delivers exceptional optical performance, ensuring accurate and detailed observations. The adoption of long-life LED lamps as both transmitted and fluorescent light sources enhances the longevity and efficiency of the microscope.

For documentation and analysis purposes, digital cameras can be seamlessly integrated on the left side of the microscope, allowing for the capture of high-resolution photos, videos, and precise measurements.

The tilting head of the microscope offers a comfortable working mode, enabling users to find their optimal viewing position. Additionally, the angle of the transmitted illumination arm can be adjusted, facilitating easy movement of petri dishes or flasks for convenient sample handling.


The BIM630FL inverted microscope is a versatile tool utilized by medical and health units, universities, and research institutes for various observation purposes, including the study of microorganisms, cells, bacteria, and tissue cultivation. It offers the capability to continuously monitor the growth and division processes of cells and bacteria within a culture medium. During these observations, users can capture videos and images to document and analyze the dynamic changes occurring in the samples.

The applications of the BIM630FL inverted microscope span across multiple fields, such as cytology, parasitology, oncology, immunology, genetic engineering, industrial microbiology, botany, and more. Its wide usage demonstrates its importance in studying biological systems and conducting research in various scientific disciplines.



Item Specification BIM630 BIM630FL
Optical System Focal length of 60mm Infinite Optical System, Tube length 200mm
Viewing Head Seidentopf Tilting Binocular Head, adjustable 5-35° inclined, Interpupillary Distance 48-75mm, Left side camera port, Light distribution: 100: 0 (100% for eyepiece), 0:100 (100% for camera), Eyepiece Tube Diameter 30mm
Eyepiece SW10×/ 22mm
WF15×/ 16mm
WF20×/ 12mm
Objective (Parfocal distance 60mm, M25×0.75) FL60 Infinite LWD Plan Achromatic Objective 4×/0.1, WD=30mm
10×/0.25, WD=10.2mm
20×/0.40, WD=12mm
40×/0.60, WD=2.2mm
FL60 Infinite LWD Plan Phase Contrast Achromatic Objective PH10×/0.25, WD=10.2mm
PH20×/0.40, WD=12mm
PH40×/0.60, WD=2.2mm
FL60 Infinite LWD Plan Semi-APO Fluorescent Objective 4×/0.13, WD=17mm, cover glass=-
10×/0.3, WD=7.4mm, cover glass=1.2mm
20×/0.45, WD=8mm, cover glass=1.2mm
40×/0.60, WD=3.3mm, cover glass=1.2mm
60×/0.70, WD=1.8-2.6mm, cover glass=0.1-1.3mm
FL60 Infinite LWD Plan Semi-APO Phase Contrast Objective 4×/0.13, WD=17.78mm, cover glass=-
10×/0.3, WD=7.4mm, cover glass=1.2mm
20×/0.45, WD=7.5-8.8mm, cover glass=1.2mm
40×/0.60, WD=3-3.4mm, cover glass=1.2mm
60×/0.70, WD=1.8-2.6mm, cover glass=0.1-1.3mm
Nosepiece Coded Quintuple Nosepiece
Condenser N.A. 0.3 Insert Plate Condenser, Working Distance 75mm
N.A. 0.4 Insert Plate Condenser, Working Distance 45mm
Telescope Centering Telescope: used to adjust the center of phase annulus
Phase Annulus 10×-20×-40× Phase Annulus Plate (center adjustable)
4× Phase Annulus Plate
Stage Stage 170 (X)×250(Y) mm with glass insert plate (diameter 110mm)
Attachable Mechanical Stage, X-Y Coaxial Control, Moving Rang: 128mm×80mm, accept 5 types of petri-dish holders, well plates and stage clips
Auxiliary stage 70mm×180mm, used to extend the stage
Universal Holder: used for Terasaki plate, glass slide and Φ35-65mm petri dishes
Terasaki Holder: used for Φ35mm Petri Dish Holder and Φ65mm petri dishes
Glass Slide and Petri Dish Holder Φ54mm
Glass Slide and Petri Dish Holder Φ65mm
Petri Dish Holder Φ35mm
Petri Dish Holder Φ90mm
Focusing Coaxial Coarse and Fine Adjustment, tension adjustment, Fine Division 0.001mm, Fine stroke 0.2mm per rotation, Coarse stroke 37.5mm per rotation. Moving Range: up 7mm, down 1.5mm; Without limitation can up to 18.5mm
Transmitted Illumination 3W S-LED Koehler illumination, Brightness Adjustable
EPI-Fluorescent Attachment LED illuminator, built-in Fly-eye lens, can be configured with up to 3 different LED light source and B, G, U fluorescent filter blocks
LED light source and V, R, FITC, DAPI, TRITC, Auramine, mCherry fluorescent filters
Hoffman phase contrast Hoffman Condenser with 10×, 20×, 40× insert plate, centering telescope and special objective 10×, 20×, 40×
3D Emboss Contrast Main emboss contrast plate with 10×-20×-40× will be inserted into condenser
Auxiliary emboss contrast plate will be inserted into slot near viewing head
C-mount Adapter 0.5× C-mount Adapter (focus adjustable)
1× C-mount Adapter (focus adjustable)
Other Accessories Warm stage
Light shutter, can be used to block the external light
Dust cover
Power Supply AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Fuse T250V500mA
Packing 2cartons/set, Packing Size: 47cm×37cm×39cm, 69cm×39cm×64cm, Gross Weight: 20kgs, Net Weight: 18kgs

Note: ● Standard Outfit, ○ Optional



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