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The list of materials is mentioned below. If you do not see your material, please feel free to check with us:

–       Laser Cutting Plastics and Polymers, contact us and bring your sample for free cut of your plastic materials to see how this can improve your project.

–       Laser cutting of all acrylics, plexiglass, PVC materials are very popular among our services.

–       Laser cutting of paper, cardstocks, cardboards, clothes, foams, fabrics are one the services we offer.

–       Laser cutting of wood, all types, at certain thickness can be done with tighter corners, precise  measurements, and smooth curves as well as perfect cut-out designs.

–       Prototyping, robotic building, product design. People choose us because we are first a professional microscopy company then a laser cutting service business. So all of our laser job is done at microscopic level and finished products are always inspected by professional microscopes.

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