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Why do you need a live cell imaging chamber?
A live cell imaging chamber is in fact a miniaturized version of an incubator which can be mounted on top of the stage of a microscope while capturing the events occur for your cells. If you plan to do long-term live cell imaging, you would definitely need such a chamber which provides the humidity and gas for your cells and also keeps the temperature in an optimum value. Thus, three parameters of temperature, gas (CO2, O2 and N2) and humidity need to be controlled as in most of the cases very precisely.

Tips and Hints: What do you need to have to be able to get clear, stable and long-term images of your cells?
For most of the cell imaging, you will need at least these items:

  1. A physical chamber, in which you can culture your cells. The chamber should allow easily installation and removal of the cell culture in a container such as well-plate, petri-dish, tissue culture flasks, micro-slide etc.
  2. A gas supplier, which can be a digital or analogue gas mixer which provides the gas for your cells. The types include a mixed of CO2 and air, and mixed of CO2, O2, and N2.
  3. A temperature controller, which allows to control temperature inside the chamber, outside the chamber and also surrounding the objective lenses to avoid drift focus (otherwise you will see blurry images due to ambient temperature fluctuation over time).
  4. A gas humidifier, this is simply a flow of premixed gas passes through water in a closed system.
  5. A glass-bottom dish or plate
  6. A phenol-free medium

BIOIMAGER provides very precisely manufactured chambers from the pioneer in this field, TokaiHit (a Japanese company).

Some Features of these products:

  1. Long-term stable environment
  2. Precise control temperature, gas mixing and humidity level
  3. Compact design
  4. Focus stability
  5. Clear vision, clear Image
  6. No big box needed

You do not know what to choose, simply use this Live Cell Imaging Selection Questionnaire, we will be more than happy to assist you.

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