Our mission is to provide an affordable world-class microscopy-imaging solution to anyone, anywhere.

Custom Microscopy Imaging Solution

BIOIMAGER Inc. specializes in providing the turn-key and high efficient microscopy-based imaging solutions for life sciences and industrial applications. Our main products include custom fluorescence, biological, metallurgical and polarizing microscopes, microscopy cameras and digital scanners such as pathology slide scanner, gel scanner and 3d imager. We offer high-end in vivo and live cell imaging tools and cutting-edge material inspection imaging optomechanics and software. The primary services include (but not limited to) customization,  manufacturing, sales, OEM, maintenance and repair, on-site installation and training, and free of charge imaging of your samples.

Beside professional microscopy imaging products and services, Bioimager offers custom laser cutting, engraving, marking on various materials and 3D printing. This includes custom job, prototyping, sampling, branding, promoting on plastics (acrylic, rubber, ABS, etc), wood, papers, fabric, aluminum, stainless steel, etc.

Our success is primarily due to our determination in satisfying our customers, considering their needs and most importantly meeting their requirements within a budget limit. We offer unlimited technical supports via phone, email, and live chat,  and free consultation.

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Microscopes for Research and Teaching


Inverted / Upright Biological Fluorescence Microscope

Inverted or Upright Biological Fluorescence Microscope with brightfield, phase contrast, darkfield, polarizing or DIC Nomarski imaging capability; 1.25x to 200x objective lenses; Custom Design or off the shelf.

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Stereo Microscopes

Stereo Microscopes with Long working distance optics, Reflected and Transmitted, LED or Halogen illumination, Polarizing, darkfield and Epi-Fluorescence imaging, Custom made for large field of view, special illumination and high zoom ratio.

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Industrial Microscopes

Industrial Microscopes with Reflected and Transmitted lights, brightfield, darkfield, polarizing and DIC Nomarski Microscope with automatic 3D Profile, measurement of height / thickness, output files for 3D print.

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Advanced Live Cell Imaging


Incubator Microscope

Incubator microscope with fluorescence and phase-contrast imaging; small design, simple and smart time-lapse imaging software. Custom imaging and branding

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Live Cell Imaging Chambers

Live cell imaging chambers, hypoxy and CO2 miniature incubators, heating stages, glass bottom confocal dishes, customized based on your microscope, stage and optics.

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High-Resolution and High-Power In Vivo Fluorescence Imaging

High-Resolution and High-Power In Vivo Fluorescence Imaging designed for small animals, from the whole body level up to the single cell level resolutions. Visible and infrared wavelength LEDs and Filters.

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Smart Digital Scanning


Digital Slide Scanner

Automated Digital Slide Scanner for pathology, histology or mineralogy

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Convert Your Microscope

Software to convert your microscope to a digital slide scanner

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Gel Imaging

Gel Imaging Professional Gel Scanner for Electrophoresis Gel, SDS-PAGE, Western Blotting, etc

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What Our Customers Say About Us

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Absolutely the best vendor for custom microscopy needs in the scientific research areas! Extremely helpful, considerate, professional, and highly reliable in communication, delivery, and follow up! Do yourself a favor and talk to Dr. Younes Leysi, you will be happy that you can do great work with much more reasonable budget!!!

Dou Yu, MD PhD

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MA, USA)

We were looking for a very specific camera and microscope set up for a fertility lab and were struggling to find the right equipment. Dr. Younes Leysi gave expert advise, guidance and product options throughout. We ended up with a great set up for the lab. We will definitely turn to Bioimager in the future.

IVF Store


Very good suggestions and service from the team at Bioimager. Very reliable and quality products. Recommended.

Ayyappasamy S. Perumal

McGill University (QC, Canada) Postdoc Fellowship

Bioimager was a pleasure to work with. Their attention to detail is second to none. They take the time to ensure their work is 120%, and manage expectations proactively. The work that they did for me was outstanding. I highly recommend Bioimager for any of your engraving needs.

Shlomo Bibas

IT executive

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