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Bioimager offers digital slide scanners, 3D scanners, gel imagers or scanners, medical X-ray scanners and object scanners at microscopy resolution.

Digital slide scanners are devices that can scan glass slides containing tissue samples and convert them into high-resolution digital images. These images can be viewed and analyzed on a computer, making it easier for pathologists and researchers to study and share their findings. Digital slide scanners are commonly used in medical research and diagnosis, as well as in the field of digital pathology.

3D scanners are devices that can capture the shape and texture of physical objects and create 3D models of them. There are several types of 3D scanners, including structured light scanners, laser scanners, and photogrammetry scanners. 3D scanners are commonly used in industries such as manufacturing, design, and engineering to create digital models of physical objects for analysis, prototyping, and production.

Gel imagers are devices that are used to capture and analyze images of DNA or protein gels. These gels are commonly used in molecular biology and biochemistry experiments to separate and visualize DNA or proteins. Gel imagers can capture high-resolution images of these gels, allowing researchers to analyze and quantify the results of their experiments.