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Imaging is fun. We’ll make it awesome.


Imaging is fun.We’ll make it awesome.

BIOIMAGER Inc. specializes in two main fields, first providing the turn-key and high efficient microscopy-based imaging solutions for life sciences and industrial applications, and second laser cutting and engraving services.

In microscopy division, the main products include custom fluorescence, biological and industrial microscopy products and scanners such as slide scanner and gel imagers. The primary services include (but not limited to) sales, custom-design, OEM, on-site installation and training, repair and maintenance, and free of charge imaging of your samples in our site. We offer high-end in vivo and live cell imaging tools and cutting-edge material inspection imaging software and hardware.

In laser division, we offer custom laser cutting, engraving, marking on various materials at different thicknesses. This service is offered at a professional level and world-class precision. This includes custom job, prototyping, sampling, branding, promoting on plastics (acrylic, rubber, ABS, etc), wood, papers, fabric, aluminum, stainless steel, etc.

Our success is primarily due to our determination in satisfying our customers, considering their needs and most importantly meeting their requirements within a budget limit. We offer unlimited technical supports via phone, email, and live chat,  and free consultation.

BIOIMAGER was founded by Dr. Younes Leysi who developed long-term and large-field live cell imaging techniques and devices during his PhD to track over 10,000 single blood cells, and continues as a professional company specializes in microscopy-based imaging solutions since 2011. BIOIMAGER’s #1 goal is to assist customers get the best microscopy imaging bundle that fits their requirements and budget.

Considering the all details, future upgrades and solving customer’s microscopy problems with professional microscope systems is BIOIMAGER’s goal. Because BIOIMAGER specializes only in microscopy imaging, has professional staff that understand the applications in which the microscopes are used. The primary services include (but not limited to) sales, custom-design/OEM, on-site installation and training, repair and maintenance, and free of charge imaging of your samples. Microscope specialists at BIOIMAGER have a wide range of experience solving microscopy problems and customizing solutions offer unlimited technical supports to all microscopy applications from microfluidic device, MEMS, clinics, veterinarian, pathology, histology, PCB inspection, wastewater treatment, geology, mineralogy, gemmology applications to analyze thin-section and inspect filter patch to manufacturing, quality control, testing requirements, and teaching labs.


• offers easy-to-use solutions based on your imaging needs.

• Our products are highly efficient and most importantly fit to your budget limit.

• We do our best to keep both you and your cells happy.

• Using our products, you will love what you see and what you do not.

• We provide the best possible customer services.

• Last but not least, we are very honest in terms of our products limitations and capabilities.

Why Our Products?

How much is a brand name important for you? We can provide you microscopes from the top four brand names in the world (Zeiss, Leica, Olympus and Nikon). If you are not particularly a fan of brand names, our company has a big collection of high quality microscopes that compete well with big brand names but most importantly have significantly lower prices. There two secrets in this regard. We deal directly for the manufacturers of the top big four names of microscopes (Z, L, N, O) in China and Taiwan. You will get the same scopes without their logos. In addition, we use low price main body of the Chinese scopes and combine it with high-quality German or Japanese optical parts. You will save 2- to 5-times compared to what you would pay for the big brand names. Most of research labs and professionals in imaging (either live cell imaging people or industrial labs) use our products and are highly satisfied with the output images. References are available upon request.

If you still want to save much more, we have other products with 5- to 10- times less expensive than the top brand names. You would be surprised how the image quality of these microscopes is. As mentioned above, we are very honest for the limitations and capabilities of the devices and technologies we provide. Thus, we never mislead our customers as many sites do by providing wrong info or by exaggerating about their products. Please always ask for sample images and detailed info. We try our best to fill you in with useful information in order to help you decide more easily and select the best device according to your needs. In addition, we are there to assist you in installation, training as well as technical supports.

Being said specifically about the microscopes, the same rules apply for all of our other products that are provided dominantly from Canada, USA, Japan, Germany, Korea, Taiwan and China.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

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