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Image Analysis in Life Sciences (Pathology, Immuno-histochemistry & Fluorescence) & Industrial Sciences (Quality Control, Physical Science & Particle Analysis).

Life Science Image Analysis 

These are just a few of the many life science image analysis applications our software supports:

  • Pathology & Immunohistochemistry
  • Fluorescence Image Analysis 
  • Otolith Analysis & Fisheries Research

Industrial Image Analysis

These are just a few of the many industrial science image analysis applications our software supports:

  • Quality Assurance & Quality Control
  • Physical Science
  • Particle Analysis

Life Science Image Analysis

Whether you are involved in drug discovery, cell biology, fisheries science or other life science research, if your work depends on images and the information they contain, we have the tools to make your projects a success.

These are just a few of the many life science applications our software supports:

Pathology & Immunohistochemistry
Maximize lab efficiency and productivity with Image-Pro software.
Fluorescence Image Analysis
Automated fluorescence image acquisition, advanced deconvolution, 3D rendering and automated measurements, cell tracking and more with Image-Pro and AutoQuant software. 
Otolith Analysis & Fish Aging
Automatically detect growth rings, classify by year and share your findings using Image-Pro software. 

Pathology and Immunohistochemistry Image Analysis

Image-Pro Premier software provides research pathologists with a vast range of tools for acquiring images, opening multi-resolution files, and identifying, classifying and quantifying nuclei, membranes and areas of stained or labeled tissue. 

Pathology and Immunohistochemistry Analysis with Image-Pro Premier Software

Digital Pathology – from Morphology to Markers 
Digital pathology encompasses a complementary range of advanced technologies optimized to facilitate the acquisition, organization, and utilization of information associated with biological cells, tissues, and organs. The ongoing evolution of specialized digital imaging and analysis tools allows pathologists to streamline their workflow in ever more intelligent ways, thus maximizing lab efficiency and productivity. Expert interpretation of both the qualitative and quantitative information obtained via these largely automated digital processes can effectively refine and expedite patient treatment.

Open Very Large Multi-resolution Images Acquired from a Slide Scanner 

The Very Large Image tool in Image-Pro Premier allows pathologists to open large, multi-resolution files which were acquired using a slide scanner. Currently supported file formats include Aperio .svs and BigTiff formats. 

Use Very Large Image Tool to Extract Regions of Interest to Analyze 

Use Very Large Image Tool to Extract Regions of Interest to Analyze Extract out regions of interest to segment, count, measure and analyze. Choose to extract based on either the level of resolution you need or a region of interest.

Industrial Image Analysis

Whether you are involved in metallographic analysis, quality control, food science, particle analysis, chemical engineering, semiconductor inspection or other industrial imaging tasks, Image-Pro software has the tools to automate your image analysis projects.

Quality Assurance & Quality Control
Streamline your R&D, inspection and quality processes. 
Physical Science
Geologists, chemical engineers, materials scientists, and astromers use Image-Pro to automate image acquisition, measurements, and data export. 
Particle Analysis
Use Image-Pro to analyze the size, shape and conformation of particles in both static and dynamic environments. 

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