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IS220 Smart Incubator Phase Contrast Microscope

  • The smallest phase contrast microscope in the world
  • Simple, small and smart digital inverted  fluorescence biological microscope
  • Small enough to fit inside an incubator, hood or be part of another device
  • LED fluorescence imaging with 2 or 3 channels
  • Custom Camera, selection based on speed (up to 500fps), resolution( 1.5MP to 20MP), sensor size (1/3″ to 2″) and more,
  • Advanced live cell imaging software (optional)
  • Reasonable Price

$USD 5,995.00 $USD 10,000.00

IS220 Smart  Incubator Microscope

Brief introduction: IS220 is an inverted biological microscope with brightfield, phase contrast and optional fluorescence imaging capabilities. It has the smallest phase contrast module among the inverted biological microscopes. It uses a smart fluorescence sliding kit which allows up to 4 filters and LEDs. The overall size of the microscope for digital imaging is just 220mm length (why this is called IS220), 245mm depth and 305mm height (8.7″ L x  10″ D x 12″ H). Thus, this easily fits inside a regular incubator, biological hood while it can be used as a stand-alone microscope on a bench.

The application of the IS220 is limitless due to its small footprint, simple use and smart design. It can control LED to turn on/off. This means you save paying for mechanical shutter to avoid photobleaching and phototixicity during the waiting time for next time point. It is an excellent choice for video time-lapse microscopy and live cell imaging. It can be used for cell culture imaging, kinetics of growth study, cell  mortality rate, cell proliferation, differentiation, apoptosis, toxicity. Microfluidics labs and lab on chip research labs or companies love this product for several reasons. Developmental biology labs, cancer cell study labs, plant cells, IVF, vet and stem cell labs find this product extremely helpful.

  • The smallest phase contrast microscope in the world
  • Small enough to fit inside an incubator, hood or be part of another device
  • LED fluorescence imaging with 1, 2 or 3 channels, one at a time.
  • Various choices of  camera, selection based on speed (up to 500fps), resolution( 1.5MP to 20MP), sensor size (1/3″ to 2″)
  • Advanced live cell imaging software (optional)
  • Reasonable Price (save 40% in comparison to the competitors).

IS220 Smart Incubator Phase Contrast Microscope

1. Phase Contrast

The system uses 10x, 25x and 40x phase contrast lenses.

2. Fluorescence Module (Optional)

This microscope uses a smart epi-fluorescence module slider. The module can be with 2 or 3 channels. The two channels are B and G filters for GFP/FITC, TRITC/mCherry, or B,G, U for Dapi/Hoechst as well.

The slider is a cubic shape, sits underneath of the nosepiece, has a 3W LED for each channel. A lever can move the filter slider and brings to a right position, with a click-stop sound /touch. Other filters and LEDs are available for customization.

Plan semi-apo, plan apo and plan fluor lenses at different magnifications form 1.25x to 150x are available for customization.


3. Camera

There are several options of cameras; different speed (up to 500 fps), resolution (1.5mp to 20mp), sensor size ( 1/2″ till 2″), sCMOS (scientific CMOS), CMOS, CCD (cooled or uncooled), and HD. Please check the “Specification” tab.


4. Software

The default software of cameras allows capture of images, videos and time-lapse imaging.

We offer an advanced software for live cell imaging, called IncuView, which can control the LEDs. This requires a special PCB to be attached prior shipping.

Please check “software” tab for the details of IncuView.

5. Accessories

Sample holders fro glass-slide, 35mm petri-dish, 50mm PD, terasaki holder, T-25 flaks holder, T-75 flask holder, micro-well plate holder:

1. Optics

Infinity plan achromatic objectivesBright field (Optional)PLL 10X/0.25 Work distance:4.1mm
PLL 20X/0.45 Work distance:2.5 mm
Phase contrast objectives

(One lens is included)

PLL 10X/0.25 PHP Work distance:4.1 mm
PLL 25X/0.45 PHP Work distance:5.0 mm

PLL 40X/0.58PHP Work distance:2.5mm

Optional Fluor objectives1.25x, 2x, 2.5x, 4x, 5x, 10, 20x, 40x, 50x, 60x, 100x, 150x
40x (oil), 50x (oil), 100x (oil)
Phase contrast ring plate10X, 25X and 40X
Focus systemCoaxial coarse/fine focus, with tension adjustable and up stop, minimum division of fine focusing is 2μm.
NosepieceQuintuple nosepiece,ball bearing with anti fungus device

(can be offered for Ph contrast only).

StageFixed stage overall size is 227mmX208mm
Glass rotundity stage overall size is Ф118mm, inner size is Ф68mm
Mechanical moving device, moving range is 77mm (longitudinal)X135mm (transverse)
Culture dish holder 1Inside locating slot size: 86mm (W)X129.5mm (L), (suitable for circular culture dish Ф90mm)
Culture dish holder 2Inside locating slot size: 34mm (W)X77.5mm (L),  (suitable for circular culture dish Ф68.5mm)
Culture dish holder 3Inside locating slot size:57mm (W)X82mm (L),

(suitable for circular culture dish Ф60mm)

Culture dish holder 4Inside locating slot size:29mm(W)X77.5mm (L),

(suitable for circular culture dish Ф35mm)

Transmitted illumination system3W white LED lamp with brightness adjustable
Push-pull type condenser, working distance 55mm
ToolAllen driver
OthersDust cover

2. Fluorescence (Optional)

Blue LED wavelengthEF 480/40nm; DM LP505nm; EM LP520nm
Green LED wavelengthEF 530/40nm; DM LP570nm; EM LP590nm
UV LED wavelengthEF 350/50nm ; DM LP400nm; EM LP425nm
Light source3W LED lamp
Support observation modeBright field, fluorescent
Filter cube transferPull-push at four positions

( Blue, green, UV and bright field)

Brightness adjustmentContinuous adjustment
Input powerDC 4.2V 2A

3. Camera

Order CodeSensor &Size (mm)Pixel (μm)G Sensitivity
Dark Signal


3.75 x3.752350mv with 1/30s
0.15mv with 1/30s
125 @1920×10801×10.1ms ~15s



3.75×3.751120mv with 1/30s
0.5mv with 1/30s
[email protected]×1200
[email protected]×600
BIC-E3C-2.3G2.3MPIMX249 (C,GS )
5.86×5.861016mv with 1/30s
0.15mv with 1/30s
[email protected]×12001×10.244ms~2s
BIC-E3S-3.1G3.1MPIMX265 (C, GS)


3.45×3.451146mv with 1/30s
0.15mv with 1/30s
53 @2048×153685 @1024×7681×10.1ms ~15s
BIC-E3S-5G5.0MPIMX264(C, GS)
2/3” (8.45×7.07)
3.45×3.451146mv with 1/30s
0.15mv with 1/30s
35 @2448×2048
50 @1224×1024
1×10.1ms ~15s


2.4×2.4425mv with 1/30s
0.15mv with 1/30s
30 @3072×2048
38 @1536×1024
1×1,2×20.1ms ~15s
BIC-E3S-9.0G9MIMX305 (C, GS)


3.45 x3.451146mv with 1/30s
0.15mv with 1/30s
[email protected]×2160
[email protected]×1080
0.1ms ~15s



2.4 x 2.4462mv with 1/30s
0.21mv with 1/30s
[email protected]×3648
50 @2736×1824
[email protected]×1216

* Suitable only for brightfield and phase contrast-imaging.

**: C: Color, GS: Global Shutter, M: Monochrome


IncuView Advanced Live Cell Imaging Software (Optional)


  • Time-lapse mode
  • Controls each LED separately
  • Turn ON/OFF option for the LEDs, i.e. digital shutter
  • Live view and image capture
  • Label image color
  • Merge images
  • Color and monochrome images
  • Manual and automatic exposure time and gain
  • Captures BF and FL images separately
  • Zoom in / Zoom out with a touch of mouse wheel
  • Full screen of the live image, resizable tabs


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