This category provides the short list  of our top first or second most successful products in sales and fitting the requirements inquired by our clients.. International best selling products  among microscopes, scanners, microscopy cameras, gel imagers and microscope accessories are listed in this page. This list is prepared as a combination of the quantity of sales and quality of customer satisfactions.

A picture made available on 29 June 2016 shows Cairns Frog Hospital president Deborah Pergolotti looking through a microscope under the watchful eye of a White Lipped Tree Frog, which has a damaged right eye and water retention, in the “Frog Room” of the Cairns Frog Hospital in Cairns, Queensland, Australia, 27 June 2016. Australia’s only dedicated frog hospital is facing an uncertain future after its property was listed for sale. The Cairns Frog Hospital, which relies on public donations and operates out of a small single-storey Edmonton house, has taken in almost 2,800 adult frogs since it began in 1998. Source and copy right: