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Personalized Product & Service

Bioimager Inc. is dedicated to provide inventive, high-quality and economical microscopy-based imaging solutions. We offer personalized service and product based on your imaging requirement and budget limit. We specialize in supplying all of the essential imaging parts for a biology or engineering lab, from a small part to complete ready to go imaging bundle that labs require.

Bioimager offers various custom imaging systems for research, industrial and branding purpose.  This includes both upright and inverted microscope with single or multiple imaging modes of brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast, fluorescence, polarization and DIC Nomarski imaging.

We Consider Imaging Requirements & Budget

Depending on the application, we use special optics, parts and accessories such as objective lenses, stands, base, illumination while our goal is to meet the imaging requirements. We keep eyes on the limitations mentioned by a client for the size /dimension and most importantly the budget range.

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