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Personalized Product & Service

Bioimager Inc. is dedicated to provide inventive, high-quality and economical microscopy-based imaging solutions. We offer personalized service and product based on your imaging requirement and budget limit. We specialize in supplying all of the essential imaging parts for a biology or engineering lab, from a small part to complete ready to go imaging bundle that labs require.

Bioimager offers various custom imaging systems for research, industrial and branding purpose.  This includes both upright and inverted microscope with single or multiple imaging modes of brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast, fluorescence, polarization and DIC Nomarski imaging.

We Consider Imaging Requirements & Budget

Depending on the application, we use special optics, parts and accessories such as objective lenses, stands, base, illumination while our goal is to meet the imaging requirements. We keep eyes on the limitations mentioned by a client for the size /dimension and most importantly the budget range.

Why Bioimager?

We, BIOIMAGER Inc., have a long track record of project-partner oriented custom designs for adopting to research-oriented customized imaging solutions and solutions on demand. In view of this, BIOMAGER hold highest quality of customized fabrication practice to comply with our partner institutes standard and as well as the industrial standard practices. More about our areas of specialization and the research-business partners are provided in the about us page.

Supports, Supports and Supports

Bioimager Inc. participates in so many innovative projects to understand the technical problems,  such as not reported, underreported or over reported medical complications. For instance, we  propose or use the customer proposed  experimental chamber leverages the advances in microfluidics to address a critical and unmet need in current biomedical research. We  provide a customized, on-stage, microscope-based chamber with capable of cooling, heating, provided with any combination of gas mixture and humidity, pressure control, and the complementary imaging to meet the project requirements.

Investing in a custom microscope can be a valuable tool for advancing your research or diagnostic capabilities. With the right supplier and specifications, a custom microscope can provide high-resolution and sensitive imaging of even the most challenging samples. Simply ask us how to meet your imaging requirements.

Please select the products based on your requirements from the  below table:

Advanced metallurgical microscope Upright metallurgical microscope Inverted metallurgical microscope Boom stand microscope
3D profiler 3D viewer Stereo microscope Polarizing microscope
Zeiss C-Mount Adapter-0
Digital Camera HD Tablet Camera C-Mount Adapters Calibration Slide