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IncuScope IS250 Incubator Microscope with 10x, 25x, 40x Phase Contrast and Fluorescence

  • Fits inside an incubator or a hood.
  • Quadruple nosepiece, 10x, 25x and 40x Ph (and FL) with optional lenses of 2x-150x, total magnifications of 100x-400x extendable to 20x-3000x (without digital zooming).
  • 2.3MP Color USB3.0 High-Sensitive Camera, C-mount adapter and calibration slide makes the imaging bundle so professional
  • A trinocular head to use the scope in a classical way
  • USB 3.0 connections for camera and LED Control
  • LED Control via manual controller and software
  • Light off during the waiting time, i.e. digit shutter to avoid photobleaching and phototoxicity
  • IncuView Software for LED Control (intensity, turn on/off), video or time-lapse imaging and merging channels

$3,995.00 $5,000.00

What is an IncuScope?

IncuScope is a compact inverted fluorescence microscope that fits on a shelf inside an incubator or inside a hood. It has brightfield, phase contrast and fluorescence imaging capability with optional darkfield imaging. It can be either used with camera only or with a trinocular head attached to a camera. Thus it will be a stand-alone microscope to use on the bench or keep inside an incubator for video time-lapse imaging. This system can run on a laptop or desktop using USB 3.0 or USB 2.0 cable, allows capturing images, and controlling the LEDs. It has several options of objective lenses (from 2x to 150x) and fluorescent filters (from UV to IR). The IncuScope is the most simple and affordable live cell imaging device in the market.

On the bench

Brightfield & Fluorescence

camera attachment

Inside a hood

Phase Contrast & Fluorescence

camera attachment

Inside an incubator

Fluorescence & Phase Contrast

trinocular head & camera


When you need to have  a complete access of a biological microscope inside an incubator, IncuScope is a perfect choice.  If you need to monitor your cells under microscope in hypoxy conditions and do not like to spend $25,000 for a miniature incubator / heating stage to add to your microscope, IncuScope IS250 will do the job you need. Some examples of IncuScope Applications are (but not limited to):

  • Cell Proliferation and confluency study
  • Cell growth, death and differentiation kinetics
  • Cell Counting
  • Cell Migration and wound healing
  • Cell Cycle
  • Stem cells development
  • Cancer Cells
  • Microfluidics study
  • Hypoxy Condition

Why IncuScope IS250? Why is it better than the other similar products?

The IncuScope IS250 series has several advantages over the competitors such as:

  • Price: it has the lowest price of the incubator microscope in the market while its image quality and performance stay superior. For instance:
    • Lumascope 560 series with BF and FL imaging, single obj lens costs $7,500 USD, plus XY stage for $750 and each sample holder at $130. If you need phase contrast, add another $3,350 for single obj lens.
    • EVOS, with similar package starts at $18,000
    • Juli with similar package starts at$ 25,000
  • Image quality talks. You compare it to believe.
  • Flexibility in design: This incubator microscope has the most diverse flexible design. You can select any combination of camera and c-mount adapter, and any fluorescence filter design.
  • Unique Feature: darkfield, polarization imaging is possible. The other incubator products can not offer this.






Viewing HeadTrinocular includedNot PossibleNot available
Objective LensMultiple (4 or 5)SingleMultiple (5)
Imaging CapabilityBF, Ph, FL

optional Darkfield   & Polarizing

MonitorOptional HD Retina DisplayNot possibleAvailable
Camera SelectionSeveral options of sensor sizes and speed

(or use your own)

C-Mount adapterSelect from 0.37x to 1.2xFixedFixed
LED SelectionCustomizable from 400nm to 1500nm, over 40 filter set combinationGFP onlyConfigurable

(Depth x Width x Height)

311 x 200 x 428 mm

12.2 x 7.9 x 16.8 in

With XY Stage

240 x 267 x 378 mm

9.4 x 10.5 x 14.9 in

460 x 330 x 360 mm

18 x 14 x 13 in

Weight4.5kg / 10lb4.5kg / 10lb16kg /35lb
Price$7,495Starts at $10,850> $18,000

This video shows the video time-lapse of T Cells cultured in a 96-well plate and captured by IncuScope IS251 inside an incubator overnight (for 12 hours) using 25x Phase Contrast.Thanks Jamie McNicol at McMaster University, Hamilton, ON, Canada.

Winning Features

  • Small enough to fit inside an incubator or a biological hood.
  • Comes with Quadruple nosepiece
  • Phase Contrast Bundle: 10x Ph, 25x Ph and 40x Ph (suitable for FL too), 33mm WD Condenser, phase alignment tool
  • Optional Lenses: 2x, 2.5x, 4x, 5x, 20x, 50x, 60x, 100x, 150x BF & FL, and 20x Ph.
  • Single Fluorescence channel, default: GFP, with several optional customized channels (400-1500nm)
  • Optional darkfield and polarization imaging capability.
  • 2.3MP Color USB3.0 High-Sensitive Camera, two C-mount adapters and calibration slide makes the imaging bundle so professional.
  • A trinocular head to use the scope in a classical way on the bench.
  • USB 3.0 connections for camera and LED Control
  • LED Control via manual controller and software (simultaneously)
  • IncuView Software for LED Control (intensity, turn on/off), time-lapse imaging and merging channels
  • Excellent tool for live cell imaging

Incuscope IS250 Incubator Microscope

with 10x, 25x and 40x Phase Contrast and Fluorescence Objective Lenses

1. Observation System

a) Camera: several combinations of cameras and c-mount adapters can be used. A camera with 1/2″ sensor is combined with a 0.5x C-mount adapter for maximum field of view or a 1x c-mount adapter to make the total magnifications double.

b) Trincoular Head: single diopter adjustment, 30 degree inclined, comfortable and great looking. Includes the default 10x eyepieces with field number 20mm. It also has a lever to switch to camera with 100% transmission, excellent choice for fluorescence imaging without loosing any signal.

2. Mechanical Moving Stage

A compact design double layer mechanical stage, with holders of 35mm petri-dish, 55mm petri-dish, glass slide, T-25 flask, etc.

3. Illumination System

A high-power LED lamp is mounted inside the lamphouse serving for uniform light distribution and over 20,000 hours lifetime. Spatial positions can be adjusted easily. It has a collecting lens, field diaphragm or shutter.

4. Condenser System

Plug-in Phase Contrast condenser with 30mm working distance. Optional, WD: 50mm and 72mm.


5. Phase Contrast Observation

Equipped with high quality phase contrast plan objective lenses. Comes with phase alignment tool and phase annulus insert sliders.

6. Nosepiece

A quadruple nosepiece is included. Optional: Quintuple.


7. Objective Lenses

The system includes 10x, 25x and 40x Phase contrast lenses. Optional lenses are 2x, 4x, 5x, 10x, 20x, 40x (dry or oil), 50x (dry or oil), 60x, 100x (oil or water) and 150x (dry). High NA and High Resolution objective lenses are available.

8. Fluorescence

A high-power LED is used for epi-fluorescence imaging. The default LED and filter is suitable for GFP family fluorophores. Plenty of LED and filter combinations are available, from 300nm until 1500nm.


9. Darkfeild Imaging (Optional)

The unique feature of this microscope is offering darkfield imaging capability. It comes with high NA condenser, in both dry and oil immersion formats.

The 100x (oil) lens comes with Iris.

EyepieceWide field WF10X/20mm
Dividing 10X/20mm, 0.1mm/Div


Plan achromatic PL L 10X/0.25/WD8.8mm
Plan achromatic PL L 25X/0.40/WD 4.8mm
Plan achromatic PL L 40X/0.60/ WD 3.3mm
20x Ph, and 2x, 2.5x, 4x, 5x, 20x, 60x, 100x (oil), 150x BF & FL
Eyepiece tubeTrinocular (Inclination of 30°, 100% image light for photography capable)
Focus systemCoaxial coarse/fine focus, with tensional adjustable and up stop minimum division of fine focusing: 2μm.
NosepieceQuadruple (Ball bearing inner locating)
Quintuple (Ball bearing inner locating)
StageDouble layer mechanical

Size: 200mm x 152mm, moving range: 75mm x 30mm

Double layer mechanical

Size: 224mm x 208mm, moving range: 112mm x 79mm

Sample HoldersMatch to install: 68mm or 77mm x 33mm culture dish
Match to install: 68mm culture dish
Match to install: 68mm or 77mm x 29mm culture utensil
Match to install: 82mm x 57mm culture utensil
Well -plate 128mm x 85mmm
FilterBlue filter
Green filter
Frosted filter / diffuser
Yellow filter
Impellent style phase contrast unitCentering telescope
10X Impellent style phase plate
Condenser Rack & pinion adjustable, NA=0.4,working distance: 30mm
Condenser Rack & pinion adjustable, NA=0.4,working distance: 50mm
Ultra long working distance, W.D.: 70mm
Light source500mA white LED with brightness control.
700mA blue LED 470nm with brightness control.
Customizable LEDs from 400nm to 1200nm, up to 1500mA.
FluorescenceExcitation: 482/35 BrightLine Bandpass
Emission: 536/40 BrightLine Bandpass
Dichroic Mirror: 506 nm BrightLine Dichroic Beam Splitter


GFP (EGFP), FITC (Fluorescein), Alexa Fluor488, SuperGlo GFP, wild type GFP (non-UV excitation), red-shifted GFP (S65T), BODIPY, Cy2, Calcein, MitoTracker Green, Oregon Green.
Camera2.3MP (1920×1200), 1/1.9″, 7.20mm x 4.5mm, 3.75 μm/pixel, USB3.0, Colourful.
*Alternative: various sensor size (1/3” -1”) and speed (up to 200 fps)



0.5X with dividing 0.1mm/Div
PC communicationUSB 3.0 port
PowerDC adapter, 12V
LED Life Time> 20,000 hours
Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows 7, 8, 10
Operating Condition0°C- 42°C, 5%-99% RH non-condensing
Size / Dimension


195 x 311 x 428 mm / 7.7 x 12.2 x 16.8 in (Width x Depth x Height)

200 (with stage) x 445 (with viewing head) x428mm (H) / 7.9 x 12.2 x 16.8 in

195 x 350 x 468 mm (Width x Depth x Height) / 7.7 x 13.8 x 18.4 in

267 (with stage) x 478 (with viewing head) x 468mm (H) / 10.5 x 18.8 x 18.4 in

Warranty1 Year
Extended Warranty for 2-5 years

Note: ● Standard Outfit, ○ Optional, * Contact Bioimager for consultation

BIM250 Compact Inverted Biological Phase-Contrast Microscope-118670

IncuView Software Interface


  • Time-lapse mode
  • Controls each LED separately
  • Turn ON/OFF option for the LEDs, i.e. digital shutter
  • Live view and image capture
  • Label image color
  • Merge images
  • Color and monochrome images
  • Manual and automatic exposure time and gain
  • Captures BF and FL images separately
  • Zoom in / Zoom out with a touch of mouse wheel
  • Full screen of the live image, resizable tabs

When we have two LEDs then software captures 5 images at every time point:

1) phase contrast (or brightfield), Monochrome

2) phase contrast (or brightfield), pseudo-color (like white or slightly grey if you pick)

3) Fluorescence image, monochrome

4) fluorescence image, pseudo-color (like green fro GFP)

5) merged color images (image #2 +image #4)


Video 1:

This video shows the video time-lapse of T Cells cultured in a 96-well plate and captured by IncuScope IS251 inside an incubator overnight (for 12 hours) using 25x Phase Contrast.Thanks Jamie McNicol at McMaster University, Hamilton, ON, Canada.

Example 1: These images were taken with 10x Phase contrast. Image #1 and #2 are identical and just one was presented.

10x Phase Contrast
10x Fluorescence, Monochrome
10x Fluorescence, labeled green (pseudo colour)
Merged / Superimposed image of phase contrast and fluorescence

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