Custom Inspection Video Microscope with High Magnification

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  • Customized inspection video microscope
  • Upright viewing of a microfluidic sample, MEMS device, electronic parts at any size
  • Fixed sample position, with movable optics (objective lens, camera, …)
  • Reflected brightfield illumination by white LED, optional polarization, darkfield and epi-fluorescence
  • 5x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 50x obj lenses
  • Higher working distance
  • High-Speed Camera with minimum 5-15 microseconds exposure time
  • BioStitch-500 supported camera is preferable.
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BVM500 Custom Inspection Video Microscope

A custom inspection video microscope with high magnification is a specialized type of microscope that is designed for industrial inspection applications where high magnification and imaging resolution are required. These microscopes typically include a digital camera and a high-resolution monitor, allowing the user to view and capture images and videos of the sample in real-time.

The custom nature of these microscopes means that they can be tailored to the specific needs of the application, including the magnification range, lighting, camera resolution, and imaging software. They are commonly used for inspection and quality control of small components, such as electronic circuit boards, mechanical parts, and medical devices.

Some key features of a custom inspection video microscope with high magnification may include:

  1. High magnification range: Custom inspection video microscopes can be designed with a range of magnifications, typically ranging from 5x to 200x or higher.
  2. Digital camera: A high-resolution digital camera is essential for capturing high-quality images and videos of the sample. The camera can be integrated into the microscope or connected externally.
  3. High-resolution monitor: A high-resolution monitor is necessary to display the images and videos captured by the camera. The monitor may be built-in or external and can range in size from small handheld devices to large desktop displays.
  4. Lighting: Custom inspection video microscopes can be designed with a range of lighting options, including brightfield, darkfield, and polarized light. The lighting can be adjustable to optimize the contrast and visibility of the sample.
  5. Imaging software: Custom inspection video microscopes can be equipped with specialized imaging software that allows the user to capture and analyze images and videos of the sample. The software may include features such as measurement tools, image stitching, and video recording.

Overall, a custom inspection video microscope with high magnification is a valuable tool for industrial inspection and quality control applications that require precise imaging and analysis of small components. The custom nature of these microscopes allows them to be tailored to the specific needs of the application, ensuring optimal performance and imaging results.

BVM500 Custom Inspection Video Microscope with High Magnification

Bioimager has various designs of custom microscopy products for inspection of parts, devices, equipment from top or bottom views. BVM500 is one of thewas designed to meet special requirements of a client.

Client’s Story

In this specific case, the client requested a movable inspection video microscopy system to visualize some phenomena occur inside a microfluidic chip. Most of microfluidic chips and MEM devices use an inverted biologicla microscope, like that of cell culture, with brightfield, phase contrast, darkfield and fluorescence imaging. There are some special application that a microfluidic device or MEMS is designed in a way that it has some connections and control plugins form the bottom. Thus the observation needs to be done from top, i.e. an upright microscope is required. When an upright industrial is used, then reflected light from top allows easy observation in brightfield, darkfield, polarization, DIC Nomarski and epi-fluorescence modes. In this case a mechanical XY stage moves the device in X, or Y direction and lifts up/down the whole device objective to bring the image in focus.

In some special circumstances of using an upright system for observation of a chip, there are some physical limitations to move the sample in X-Y direction or even because of some physiological reasons, one does not like any perturbation or artificial effects of motion to occur. Meanwhile we like to inspect several locations of the sample, take image or record the video.

Therefore, we need to build a microscopy system which allows observation from top in which the whole imaging module shall be moved around. The system requires a high magnification such as 40x obj lens (400x total magnification).

Imaging Solution

Considering the details mentioned above and the limitation of using a high-magnification lens, a stereoscope is not a good option. Bioimager designed BVM500 with following parts:

a) A heavy duty stand to avoid any shaking or vibration

b) Fine/coarse focus mechanism to use with high magnification lenses

c) Epi-White imaging module

Using epi-white LED illumination, reflection brightfield images can be observed. It is also possible to have polarization, darkfield and fluorescence imaging.

d) High-Power LED Illumination

e) High-Speed Camera with adjustable focus c-mount adapter

The 6.3MP camera in this design has minimum 0.020ms or 20us exposure time.



Technical Specifications

1. Optical Parts

Optics Infinity-corrected
Illumination Reflected white LED
LED Life Time > 10,000 hours
Power AC/DC adapter
Optics Chroma or Omega Optical beam splitter
Image Size 100 kB-4MB
Objectives 5x, 10x,20x, 40x or 50x
Operating Condition 0°C- 42°C, 5%-99% RH non-condensing
Warranty 1 year


2. Camera

Order Code Sensor & Size


Pixel (μm) G Sensitivity
Dark Signal
FPS/Resolution Binning Exposure
BIC-E3S-6.3MB 6.3M/IMX178(C)


2.4×2.4 425mv with 1/30s
0.15mv with 1/30s
59 @3072×2048
59 @1536×1024


BIC-L3C-5.1MPA 5.1M/MT9P006(C)

1/2.5″ (5.63×4.23)

2.2×2.2 1.76v/lux-sec



BIC-E3S-1.5MA 1.5M/IMX273(C,GS)


3.45×3.45 1145mv with 1/30s
0.15mv with 1/30s
164 @1440×1080
320 @720×540

(M, RS or GS)

6.5×6.5 8.1×107 (e-/((W/m2).s))
Peak QE 64.2% @595nm DS
45@1024 x 1023


3. Heavy-Duty Stand

ISZ-F3 Boom Stand

  • Dual arm universal stand
  • Post height: 490mm, Φ38mm
  • Base size: 253*253mm
  • Heavy base (35 lbs/17kg) for excellent stability


4. Focus Mechanism

Focus Holders Fine and Coarse Focus Mechanism


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