XY-Z Stages

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XY-Z Stages

XY-Z stages are mechanical stages commonly used in microscopy to precisely control the movement of the specimen in three dimensions. They allow researchers to move the sample along the X, Y, and Z axes with high accuracy and precision, allowing for precise positioning and alignment during imaging.

The XY stage controls the horizontal movement of the sample in the X and Y directions, while the Z stage controls the vertical movement of the sample along the Z axis. These stages are typically motorized, allowing for precise control and movement of the sample.

XY-Z stages are particularly useful for multi-dimensional imaging, such as 3D reconstructions or time-lapse imaging. By controlling the position of the sample in all three dimensions, researchers can image the sample from different angles and positions, allowing for more detailed analysis and visualization of the sample.

Some advanced XY-Z stages are equipped with a joystick or other manual control mechanism, allowing researchers to move the sample in real-time during live imaging. Others are computer-controlled, allowing for automated imaging and analysis.

Overall, XY-Z stages are an essential component of many microscopy setups, providing precise and accurate control over the position and movement of the sample for a wide range of imaging applications.