Bioimager EDF for Stereoscope with HDR (BESH) for Marco 3D Imaging with Automated Focus

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  • Great deep focused of all features of your sample that you could visualize, all in focus and single image .
  • Motorized Focus with optional manual control box
  • Travel range of 195mm / 7.7 in, at resolution of 15um step size.
  • Up to 16kg/32lb imaging module can be loaded on the stand.
  • Great Software for image acquisitive, focus control and image processing
  • Optional modules for HDR, live manual image stitching, fluorescent imaging and etc.
  • Large selection of camera from 2MP to 100MP
  • Excellent quality of images for publications, print and art studio works.

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EDF stands for Extended Depth of Field, and it is a technique that involves merging several images of the same scene captured at different focal planes to create a final image with an extended depth of field. This technique is commonly used in microscopy imaging to create a clear, in-focus image of a specimen, even if it has irregularities or variations in height.

In the case of a stereoscope with HDR (High Dynamic Range), EDF can be particularly useful for creating a detailed, high-quality image. The HDR feature allows the microscope to capture images with a wide range of brightness levels, from very dark to very bright. When combined with EDF, it can create a final image that is not only in focus but also has a high level of detail and clarity.

Overall, the EDF and HDR features in a stereoscope can help researchers and scientists achieve more accurate and detailed observations of their specimens, allowing for better analysis and understanding of the structures and processes being studied.

Using stereo microscope is always great choice and fun for observing the large samples, either biological or industrial. When you look at through the eyepieces, seeing the items in 3D is always appealing. When you capture an image by a camera, you do not see it 3D! One can think of using extended depth of focus/field (EDF) technique to overcome this issue. This becomes challenging for several reasons.

Majority (pretty much all) of the camera softwares and even advanced licensed softwares for image processing and live EDF do not offer a real EDF algorithm at the moment that would work with stereo microscope images that have large focus variations. Some have tried to develop an algorithm for that. However, such a Z scan would then be significantly slower than a normal scan we can expect. The user would have to move from one focus plane to the next, stop and then do a focus in which we will se a shift in XY direction. There are also other problems with stereo microscopes:

  1. low illumination makes it difficult to scan without motion blur; b
  2. distance measurements in the resulting scans would be inaccurate

To make all of this easy and imaging fun for our clients, we came up with a nice imaging bundle (as usual), called BESH. BESH is Bioimager EDF system for Stereoscope with HDR. The BESH package includes a motorized focus, stereoscope, manual control box, great software to control the camera and focus mechanism as well as image processing to make such beautiful EDF image at the end with all of the details you could expect.

Below you can see the difference we talk  about:

  • Great deep focused of all features of your sample that you could visualize, all in focus and single image .
  • Motorized Focus with optional manual control box
  • Great Software for image acquisitive, focus control and image processing
  • Large selection of camera from 2MP to 100MP
  • Excellent quality of images for publications, print and art studio works.

Large Macro 3D Imaging Bundle

1. Motorized Stand

Motorized focus with 76mm mount hole for your own microscope. It is suitable for all brands such as Olympus, Nikon, Leica, Zeiss. Motorized post /column with 32mm diameter (customizable),  suitable for all stereoscope and macro applications.


  • Motorized Z axis (travel and focusing)
  • Compatible with various optical devices (stereomicroscopes, macroscopes,…) and accessories (X-Y stages, LED illuminators…)
  • Compatible with backlight LED illuminators for transmitted illumination
  • High bearing capacity (up to 16 kg; 35 lb) and rigidity, silent running
  • Travel range 19.5 cm/ 7.7 inch.
  • Travel range protected by adjustable built-in limit switches.
  • Minimal step 15 μm.
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 45cm x 45 cm x 47 cm / 17.7 in x 17.7 in x 18.5 inches.
  • Weight: 20 kg/ 44 lb
  • CE certified and RoHS compliant

Manual Control Box (Optional)

  • Controlled by the control unit:
    • Focusing and Z-movement by UP and DOWN buttons
    • Change of focus speed using a SPEED button – 4 predefined speed levels available
    • Automatic speed incrementation when holding UP or DOWN button
    • Compatibility with Extended Depth of Field (EDF) module for software, optionally also in combination with HDR module for EDF + HDR imaging
    • Remote control by a two-button foot switch (optional)

2. EDF  Technique

Deep Focus is the greatest feature that has to be taken into account. It is part of the software and designed for creating completely in-focus images of features, which due to a limited depth of field of optical microscopes cannot be acquired in a routine way. Completely in-focus images are composed from stacks of several images in Z direction or focal planes  which are partially focused. Only the well-focused areas with great contrast are used from each image and the resulting image is composed from them. This technique is called Extended Depth of Field (EDF) technique, Z-stacking or focus stacking. The process can be automated using a motorized stand that comes part of the package.

3. Software

Th software can control the motorized stand at different speed or step size, capture images at each focal point, then process all of these. Please check the software  for more details.

4. Camera

We offer cameras at regular resolution sizes like 2MP-12MP, which are popular. We also have high megapixel cameras such as 20MP, 24MP, 32MP, 45MP, 64MP, ,85MP and so on. The selection is pretty much limitless. It can be chosen base don camera sensor size, speed, sensitivity, exposure time, megapixel, pixel/um size etc.

You may use your own camera if you wish. You can check with us its compatibility.



The microscope software is being developed includes programs and modules for image acquisition, processing, and measurement. Straightforward user interface available in English, German, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Spanish, Hungarian, Russian, Ukrainian, and Traditional Chinese languages makes it suitable even for non-experienced users. This microscope software can be used with any brand and type of optical microscope equipped with a photo port. The software is available in 3 versions which can be all extended by additional modules.

Optional modules:

1. Live manual stitching,

Check also BioScan-500

2. High Dynamic Range (HDR)

3. Acquisition and merging/overlapping fluorescent images

brightfield filter 1 filter 2 filter 3 superimposed 4 images
channel 1 channel 2 channel 3 merged RGB



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