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Confocal Dishes

Confocal dishes, also known as confocal microscopy chambers, are specialized imaging dishes designed for use with confocal microscopy. These dishes are typically made of glass or plastic and feature a cover glass bottom that is optically clear and compatible with confocal imaging.

Confocal dishes are designed to allow for precise control over the depth and position of the sample being imaged, which is important for obtaining high-resolution images of 3D structures. These dishes typically have a small volume, which helps to minimize the amount of reagents and cells needed for each experiment.

Some common features of confocal dishes include:

  1. Optically clear cover glass bottom: This allows for high-resolution imaging of the sample.
  2. Small volume: This reduces the amount of reagents and cells needed for each experiment and helps to minimize background fluorescence.
  3. Controlled depth and position: This allows for precise imaging of 3D structures.
  4. Compatible with confocal imaging: The cover glass bottom must be optically clear and compatible with the laser wavelengths used in confocal imaging.

When selecting confocal dishes, it is important to choose a dish that is compatible with the specific type of confocal microscope being used, as well as the imaging parameters and techniques being employed. Confocal dishes are available from a variety of manufacturers and come in a range of sizes and shapes to fit different experimental needs.