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Tablet Cameras for all types & brands of microscopes

A microscope tablet camera is a tablet device that can be mounted on a microscope to capture and record images and videos of microscopic samples. These microscope tablets are typically compact and portable, and they can be easily attached to a microscope eyepiece or video port using a c-mount adapter.

Microscope tablet cameras can be used in various fields of education and research, including biology, medicine, material science, and engineering. They are especially useful in situations where multiple people need to view and analyze the same sample simultaneously, as the camera can display the sample on a larger screen such as a tablet or computer.

Many microscope tablet cameras come with built-in software that allows for real-time image or video capture, editing, and sharing. Some cameras can also be used for live streaming, time-lapse recording or remote access, allowing experts, researchers and educators to share their observations and data with others in different locations.

Microscope tablet cameras come with different features and specifications, such as image resolution, sensor type, and magnification. Some cameras may have additional features like autofocus, image stitching, and measurement tools. When choosing a microscope tablet camera, it’s important to consider your specific needs and the type of microscopy you will be using, to ensure that the camera is compatible and can provide the desired level of image quality and functionality.

Microscope tablet cameras are offered in Operation System (OS) comopatible with Windows, Android or built-in cloud software, designed for microscopy imaging. It also comes with WiFi features and high-definition or Ultra HD cameras or monitor / display.

It fits beautifully on trinocular head, video port or eyepieces.

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Zeiss C-Mount Adapter-0
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