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Nikon C-Mount Adapters

Alphaphot-2, Eclipse*, Labophot-2, Labophot-2 with 38mm ID ISO Port *, Optiphot-2, Optiphot 100s, 150, 200, 300; E200, 400, 600 (with Y-T TV tube); E800, E1000 (with video tube for C-Mount)

Inverted: Diaphot 200/300 TS100f, TE2000

Stereo: SMZ-10, SMZ-10A, SMZ-U, SMZ-80, SMZ-800, SMZ-1000, SMZ-1500

Metallurgical: Epiphot 200/300 (U&E sideport); Measuring: MM-40, MM-60.

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