Laser Engraving of Photos-0

Protocol of Photo Engraving by CO2 Laser

What are the most important parameter in engraving photo by laser: power, speed, focus lens, scan gap, or others? Introduction: Handling (Tips and Tricks): The shorter the focal length of the lens, the better resolution of the dots can be generated. For transparent materials, invert the image. Sketch is the key element on the image […]

BIO-WCAM Series C-mount WIFI CMOS Camera-10471

How to Select A C-Mount Adapter

4 Thing you need to know before selecting a c-mount adapter A C-Mount adapter is a part that connects a camera to microscope. One end is always 1” or 25mm threaded and another end is a male connector, which goes into a female video port of a microscope. C-Mount vs CS-Mount: A C-mount has the […]

6 Things You Need to Know About a Microscope

A microscope total magnification is considered as magnification of an objective lens multiplied by the magnification of an eyepiece. For large items at macro-level, you need a high power microscope which is a stereoscope (also called dissecting microscope), typically with total magnification of 5x-50x. For observation of small and tiny objects at micron levels, you […]

How to See an Atom with a Microscope

Scientists at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) have found an intelligent method to create stunningly detailed 3D reconstructing of platinum nanoparticles at an atomic scale. These are being used to study tiny structural irregularities called dislocations. You can read the article of Chien-Chun Chen et al. pubclished in Nature on April 2013 here.

Digital microscope, small, smart and with most flexible design to customize

Introduction We have developed a robust and inexpensive USB-based imaging engine utilizing a camera sensor. This technology is the result of our development of the IncuScope inverted fluorescent microscope. We would like to offer it as a module for other instrument makers to use in a variety of imaging functions. This is the most customizable […]

Introducing BUM300 Low Price Biological MIcroscope

BIOIMAGER is delighted to introduce BUM300 Microscope  to the microscope community in the world. Designed in Canada and made in Taiwan, BUM300 has all the hallmarks of intelligent design and comes with superb optics and remarkably affordable pricing. Their value equation is irresistible to high end Life Science Research Labs, High Schools, Colleages and Universities. BUM300 […]

Microscopes & Politicians

We know how a scientist and a student in microscopy-relevant field uses a microscope. How does a politician use a microscope? Let us look at the pictures of politicians, mainly presidents or prime ministers, when they look at a microscope. Only free copy right photos are shown here. If the photos have copy rights, please […]

Microscope & Fun

Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: CartoonStock A picture made available on 29 June 2016 shows Cairns Frog Hospital president Deborah Pergolotti looking through a microscope under the watchful eye of a White Lipped Tree Frog, which has a damaged right eye and water retention, in the “Frog Room” of the Cairns […]

High-Resolution & High-Power Fluorescence In Vivo Imaging-10523

Imaging Modes: Brightfield, Drakfield, Polarizing, Fluorescence, Phase Contrast, DIC Nomarski

Microscopes are used today by people from mid / high school students to the scientists and in several fields. It is even used as a daily routine work by biologists, physicians / hospital laboratory, geologists, dentists / dental technicians, veterinarians, paleontologists, entomologists, gemologists, hair transplant, scientific researchers, quality control personnel, quality assurance, assemblers, forensic document […]

BIO-WCAM Series C-mount WIFI CMOS Camera-10470

Super Fast 1 Billion/Trillion FPS Ultra High-Speed HD Camera (1 Billion/Trillion) FPS!!! Ultra High-Speed Camera HD (1 Billion/Trillion) FPS!!! Ultra High-Speed Camera HD 1000000000000 (1 Billion/Trillion) FPS!!! Ultra High-Speed Camera (Licht/Light) HD 720p 1 Frame = 1.71 picoseconds Researchers at MIT have created a camera with a resolution of one frame per trillionth of a second, allowing them to film light as […]

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