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BIOIMAGER is delighted to introduce BUM300 Microscope  to the microscope community in the world. Designed in Canada and made in Taiwan, BUM300 has all the hallmarks of intelligent design and comes with superb optics and remarkably affordable pricing. Their value equation is irresistible to high end Life Science Research Labs, High Schools, Colleages and Universities.

BUM300 Biological Microscope – Research QualityFor the most demanding Laboratory applications, BUM300 biological microscope is a greta solution to start with. Characterized by first class optics, the BUM300 comes by default in brightfield mode while you can easily upgrade it to or add on darkfield, polarizing or phase imaging cabapilities, with either binocular or trinocular microscope viewing head.

BUM300 Upright Biological/Clinical Microscope

The BUM300 biological micropscope package includes 4x, 10x, 40x and 100x objective lenses. You can add 20x and 60x to make your list complete. If you like to get other lenses, like 1.25x, 2x, 5x, 50x, then simply call us or email us

BUM300 is alos offered in a combo with an LCD or tablet camera which is android OS 9.7″ and 5 MP built-in CMOS camera, called BUM300L.

BUM300L LCD Laboratory Microscoope

The optics are directly comparable to the Nikon E400 and Olympus CX41. Unlike these competing models, however, BUM300 includes the highly innovative and proprietary illuminaton that materially enhances resolution while BUM300 also supports a premium, rackless mechanical stage plus a clever, cable storage system for more efficient storage. “why should I pay more to big brands” is the first question comes to your mind once you observe teh first image under microscope.

High end Life Science laboratories need such high quality optics.

Now such optics are available at prices that are up to 60% cheaper than ‘Big 4 brands of Zeiss, Leica, Nikon or Olympus’ prices. At BIOIMAGER, we are impressed. The value equation is compelling and their timing is perfect. Life Science Laboratories are shopping online in a way that they did not used to do and with the Big 4’s continued reluctance to join the 21st Century on the internet, BUM300 has an open market.

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