Simple Basics of Fluorescence Microscopy Principles

Much of the microscopy that we are doing nowadays is fluorescence microscopy. We will be explaining what that is in this page, in a simple way. Why do we use fluorescence in the microscope? As you probably seen so far, there are two important aspects in making a great picture in your microscope: One is […]

High-Resolution & High-Power Fluorescence In Vivo Imaging-10523

Imaging Modes: Brightfield, Drakfield, Polarizing, Fluorescence, Phase Contrast, DIC Nomarski

Microscopes are used today by people from mid / high school students to the scientists and in several fields. It is even used as a daily routine work by biologists, physicians / hospital laboratory, geologists, dentists / dental technicians, veterinarians, paleontologists, entomologists, gemologists, hair transplant, scientific researchers, quality control personnel, quality assurance, assemblers, forensic document […]

Fluorescence Microscopy

Fluorescence Microscopy The fluorescence microscopy developed to one of the most important tools of the life science area. The observation of the fluorescence emergences in biological samples delivers differentiates conclusions about morphology and functionality of cells. The objects of examination reach from fixated cells via chromosomes and genes up to observation of processes in living […]

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