High-Resolution & High-Power Fluorescence In Vivo Imaging-10523

Imaging Modes: Brightfield, Drakfield, Polarizing, Fluorescence, Phase Contrast, DIC Nomarski

Microscopes are used today by people from mid / high school students to the scientists and in several fields. It is even used as a daily routine work by biologists, physicians / hospital laboratory, geologists, dentists / dental technicians, veterinarians, paleontologists, entomologists, gemologists, hair transplant, scientific researchers, quality control personnel, quality assurance, assemblers, forensic document […]

Polarizing Microscopy Imaging (Basics & Applications)

Brightfield Image: Brightfield (BF) is the simplest imaging technique of all the optical microscopy imaging mode. As the name states you can expect an image with bright background. A simple example in our daily life is like seeing birds or airplane in the sky. In BF imaging, a sample is normally illuminated via transmitted light […]

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