Touch Screen Microscopy Camera and Monitor BIC-TS

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  • The first touch screen microscopy camera in the world
  • Intelligent Camera from 1.3MP to 45MP
  • 4k and 1080p touch screen monitors
  • Compact, simple, smart and easy to use

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The first touch screen camera for microscopy imaging and beyond


What is a touch screen camera?

A touchscreen camera is a type of digital camera that incorporates a touchscreen interface for controlling various functions and settings. Instead of using physical buttons or dials to navigate menus and make adjustments, users can interact directly with the camera’s screen, much like using a smartphone or tablet.

These cameras allow for intuitive navigation through menus, quick access to settings, and easy adjustments of  exposure time, gain, auto / manual, color setting, saving and other controls by tapping or swiping on the screen.

Touchscreen cameras often provide a user-friendly experience, making them more accessible to beginners and more convenient for experienced microscopy users who prefer a more interactive interface.

BIC-TS Touch Screen Microscopy Camera with intelligent Control Platform

The BIC-TS Touch Screen Microscopy Camera, equipped with an intelligent control platform, has been developed by Bioimager. This innovative camera seamlessly integrates robust computational techniques with comprehensive camera control functionalities. Simplifying connectivity, the BIC-TS series cameras require only a standard HDMI cable to link to a touch screen monitor, providing complete camera control, video display, image capture, video recording, and measurement capabilities.

The intelligent control platform of the BIC-TS camera features multi-touch TFT-LCD displays of varying sizes and resolutions. This design eliminates the need for traditional keyboard and mouse reliance during operations, allowing users to control the camera and other peripherals through intuitive finger-touch manipulation.

Designed for diverse applications, the BIC-TS series cameras are anticipated to revolutionize intelligent detection, processing, analysis, and control across multiple sectors. These sectors encompass public security and criminal investigation, precision agriculture and forestry, water quality monitoring, remote sensing and telemetry, industrial inspection, cultural relics identification, medical treatment, and more. This integration presents substantial commercial promise and value.


1. Camera

Model Sensor & Size Pixel (μm) G Sensitivity/Dark Signal FPS FPS Exposure
BIC-TS-8.3A 8.3M/IMX678(C)
2.0×2.0 3541(mV/lx/s)
0.15mv with 1/30s
42@1920×1080 3840×2160 0.02ms~15s
BIC-TS-8.3B 8.3M/IMX585
2.9×2.9 5970mv with 1/30s
0.15mv with 1/30s
42@1920×1080 3840×2160 0.02ms~15s
BIC-TS-20A 20M/IMX283
1” (13.2×8.9)
BIC-TS-45A 45M/IMX294
4.6×4.6 108mv with 1/30s
0.03mv with 1/30s
42@1920×1080 8160*5616 0.02ms~15s
(M,UV, RS)
6.5×6.5 1.1×108(e-/((W/m2).s))
(M,UV, RS)
6.5×6.5 1.1×108(e-/((W/m2).s))
BIC-TS-1.3A 1.3M/IMX990(M)
5.0×5.0 121mV with 1/30s
1.0mV with 1/30s


2. Screen

Model Size Processor/th> Memory/Storage Display Computing Power System Version
BIC-TSM-133-1080 13.3″ RK3399 2G LPDDR3/ 32GEMMC 1080P multi-touch display NA Android 10.0
BIC-TSM-133-4K 13.3″ RK3588 2G LPDDR3/ 32GEMMC 4K multi-touch display 6 TOPS Android 12.0


No Name and Function
1 Recovery key:Used together with Power key13, press both at the same time to enter the firmware burning mode.
2 SD card slot:
3 USB 3.0 A port 1:External mouse, keyboard, U disk and other peripherals can be connected.
4 USB-C port: External mouse, keyboard, U disk and other peripherals can be connected; it can be connected to the DP port of the monitor to display the CamPI2K133A interface; It can be connected to a PC, and the built-in storage of CamPI2K133A can be accessed on the PC side; in the firmware burning mode, the firmware can be burned on the PC side.
5 HDMI 2.0 A port 1: HCMOS series camera input interface 1.
6 12V DC5525:Power input interface.
7 Status indicator: The left side is the power indicator light, which is off when the power is not connected, and is always red when the power is connected; The right side is the running indicator light, which goes out when the machine is turned off, and the green light flashes when it is turned on.
8 2.5mm audio port:External shutter release.
9 10/100/1000Mbps adaptive network port
10 USB 2.0 A port 1:External mouse, keyboard, U disk and other peripherals can be connected.
11 HDMI 2.0 A port 2:HCMOS series camera input interface 2.
12 USB 3.0 A port 2:USB3.0 image data interface.The function is not yet available.
13 Power button:Short press to power on; long press to power off.

Software user Interface:



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