Dual-Band and Multi-band Fluorescence Filters

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  • Fluorescence filter
  • Single Band-Pass
  • Several choices for all brands (Leica, Olympus, Nikon, Zeiss, Meiji Techno, Motic, etc)
  • All fluorophoroes
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Multi-Band Filters
Single-band Fluorescence Filters

Fluorescence filter consists of excitation filter, emission filter and dichroic mirror, is the core optical components of fluorescence microscope . This kind of products on the market is generally expensive, and has a relatively short lifespan.

Bioimager fluorescence filters have high transmittance and deep blocking, multi-layers hard-coating promised it’s durability and stability. Our Independent film coating and strict quality control reduced the production cost, to ensure reasonable price for customers.

Fluorescence Filter Component

Single-band Fluorescence Filters

Fluorescence Filter Application
Single-band Fluorescence Filters


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