BUM301L LCD Upright Biological Microscope

$USD 2,888.00

  • Upright biological microscope
  • Built-in 3MP Camera
  • Large Windows OS Diisplay, 12″
  • Up to 30 fps live video streaming & recocrding
  • 4x, 10x, 40x, 100x obj lenses
  • Great tool for education and training
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The digital LCD biological microscopes integrate traditional optics and digital technology. It combines the tablet pc on microscope to take the place of the binocular head. A digital camera is built in the head of the microscope, users can observe image on LCD screen. These microscopes make the observation more comfortable and resolve the fatigue caused by using a traditional microscope for a long time. These microscopes integrate magnification, digital enlargement, imaging display, capture photo and video and store captured photos and videos. Users can transfer images and videos to PC via included USB cable and internet.

  • Configured with advanced infinity optical system,
  • The module design can meet your needs on all routine and scientific research works.
  • Humanized configuration design, reasonable control device and layout of every operation knob can keep you against tiredness.
  • Optional Accessories:
  • Sextuple Nosepiece
  • Infinity PlanObjective:20X(S),60X(S)
  • Fluorescent attachment, Phase contrast attachment, Dry & immersion darkfield
  • Condenser and Simple Polarizing attachments
  • Upright biological microscope
  • Built-in 3MP Camera
  • Large Windows OS Display, 12″
  • Up to 30 fps live video streaming & recocrding
  • 4x, 10x, 40x, 100x obj lenses
  • Great tool for education and training


Digital Parts:

Photoreceptor Chip 3.0MP 1/2” Digital Photoreceptor Chip
Resolution 2048×1536
Frame Rate 12fps @ 2048×1536

30 fps (MAX)

Data Interface USB2.0 (High Speed)
Signal-to-noise Ratio > 45 db
Imaging Mode Planar array
Scanning Mode Progressive Scanning
Exposure Manual, Automatic
White Balance Manual, Automatic
Wireless network card 802.11n with wireless transmission rate: 300M (Max)
Network Card Wired Ethernet Interface
Audio One Microphone Input, One Audio Output
Video One VGA Output
USB Interface Five USB Interface (High Speed) for Keyboard, Mouse & USB Storage
Screen 13.3″ 16:9 32-bit LCD Screen

Software Parts:

Preview Resolution 2048*1536, 1600*1200, 1280*1024, 800*600
Collection Resolution 2048*1536, 1600*1200, 1280*1024, 1024*768
Automatic Exposure Adjustable the exposure parameters, brightness of the field of view, target value.
Manual Exposure Adjusting the exposure time & gain parameter
Automatic White Balance Reproduce the real-time image automatically.
Manual White Balance Adjusting RGB, Gamma, Contrast, Saturation and etc
Full-screen View

Regional Preview

Automatic Adjustment for the 3.0 MP Dynamic images to adapt to the resolution of the screen. Selected parts can be amplified for interests & details.
Static Images Taking Single-frame capturing on the dynamic images, and storage in the disk by automatic or manual
Timing Images Taking Capturing according to the time interval. The frames and time interval can be adjusted according to the users’ requirement.
Dynamic Images Recording Capturing the dynamic images shown on the microscopes, and numbering them automatic or manual, and store these images in the disk.
Compression Dynamic Images Recording Record the dynamic images in MPEG4.
Geometry Size Testing Geometry Parameter: Line, curve, round, rectangular, angle, size, perimeter

Units: MM, CM, Inch and etc

Calibration & Scale
Images Transformation & Geometry Correction Level, Vertical, 90° (counterclockwise), 90° (clockwise), any angle rotatable
Tools for Region Selected Rectangular, round and arbitrary shape
Function of magnifier Reflect the details of the images much sharper
Image Processing Hue processing: negative image, gray processing, hue adjustment, Brightness, contrast, and RGB.

Image Enhanced: Histogram Balance and filter

Others: edge enhanced, edge testing, mosaic, sharpen, confusing, soften, exposure and etc.

Special processing: relief, diffuse, perspective and etc.

Fluorescence Composing
Printing Reproduce the real size of the image
Marking Mark on the images, (scale, character, and images)

Optical parts

Item Description
Nosepiece Quintuple Nosepiece

Sextuple Nosepiece (optional)

Objective Anti-mold, Anti-fungus processed, Infinity Plan Objective:

4X, 10X, 40X (S), 100X (S) Oil.

InfinityPlanObjective:20X(S),60X(S) for option

Stage Double layers mechanical stage, Stage Size: 170 X 150 mm

Moving Range:75mm X 50mm

Condenser N.A 1.25 Abbe Swing condenser with iris diaphragm & filter
Focusing Coaxial coarse & fine focusing adjustment with rack and pinion mechanism

Fine focusing scale value 0.002 mm

Collector Kohler illumination
Light source Halogen bulb 12V/30W. AC85-265V, Adjustable brightness


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