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BUM320S Upright Biological Microscope (Zeiss Primo Star Clone)


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  • WF10x/FN20mm eyepieces
  • 140mmx132mm XY Stage
  • 6V/20W halogen or LED illumination

In stock

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Optical System

a) Illumination: LED
b) Eyepieces: PL10X/20T High eye-point wide-field plan eyepiece, field of view: 20mm, effective exit pupil distance: 19mm, diopter +/-5 adjustable

High Powered Single LED Cold Light Illumination
Rotatable Eyepiece Tube Design

 c) objective lenses

The new infinity corrected achromatic optical  system apply semi-apochrmatic objectives. The images are brighter and revert the natural color with the advanced multi-coating .

  • Infinity color corrected optical system with high quality   micro-technique presents super excellent micro-image at any observation.
  • Wide-field high eye-point eyepieces and plan achromatic objectives make the effect of fluorescence observation more perfect.
  • Outstanding appearance design and ergonomics structure design, long time  use without feeling tired.
  • With the design of security lock and safe limits, it is much more secure, stable. and can be kept for long.
  • Various microscopic examinations can be fulfilled, such as  bright-field, dark-field, phase contrast, fluorescence, simple polarizing and so on.
BUM320S Laboratory Microscope
HeadBinocular, 30° Inclined, Interpupillary Distance 50-75mm
EyepiecePL10x/20mm, Wide Field, High Eye Point, Diopter Adjustable +/-5 Degree
ObjectiveInfinity Plan Achromatic 4x/0.10, 10x/0.25, 40x/0.65, 100x/1.25
NosepieceBackward Quadruple
FocusingLow Position Coaxial Coarse & Fine Focusing Knob, with Safty Limitation and Tension Adjustment Ring. Coarse Range 25mm, Fine Precision 0.002mm
Working StageDouble Layer Mechanical Stage 150*140mm, Moving Range 76*50mm, Precision 0.1mm
CondenserKohler N.A. 1.25, with Socket for Phase Contrast and Dark Field Slides, Center Fixed
Light Source3W LED, Intensity Adjustable, Center Fixed
Power90~240V Wide Range Power Supply
BUM320S Laboratory Microscope Optional Accessories
HeadTrinocular, 30° Inclined, Interpupillary Distance 50-75mmBUM320S-TR
EyepiecePL10x/22mm, Wide Field, High Eye Point, Diopter Adjustable +/-5 DegreeBUM320S-10×22
ObjectiveInfinity Plan Achromatic 20x/0.50BUM320S-20x
NosepieceBackward QuintupleBUM320S-BS5
FilterBlue, Dia.45BUM320S -XYB
Yellow, Dia.45BUM320S -XYY
Green, Dia.45BUM320S -XYG
Netural, Dia.45BUM320S -XYF
AdapterC-Mount 1.0x, Focus AdjustableBUM320S-1xCA
C-Mount 0.5x, Focus Adjustable, for ½” CCDBUM320S -0.5xCA
C-Mount 0.35x, Focus Adjustable, for 1/3 CCDBUM320S-0.35xCA
Photo Adapter with PK or MD mount, with 3.2x Photo EyepieceBUM320S-PK
Professional Photo C Mount, with Photo EyepieceBUM320S-SLR
FluorescentTrinocular Head for Fluorescent View, 30° Inclined, Interpupillary Distance 50-75mmBUM320S-FLA
Infinity Plan Semi Apochromatic Fluorescence Objective4x/0.13,WD=15.3mmBUM320S-4x
Dark FieldDark Field Slide, for 4x~40x ObjectiveBUM320S-DF
Phase ContrastCentering Telescope, Dia.30mmBUM320S-CT
Phase Contrast Slide, for 10x, 40x Infinity ObjectiveBUM320S-Ph01
Phase Contrast Slide, for 20x, 100x Infinity ObjectiveBUM320S-Ph02
N.A.1.25 Kohler Illumination Turnplate Phase Contrast Condense Set, For 10x, 20x, 40x, 100x Phase Contrast ObservationBUM320S-Ph03
N.A.1.25 Kohler Illumination Turnplate Phase Contrast Condenser + Dark Field Condenser Set, For 10x, 40x, 100x Phase Contrast Observation and Dark Filed ObservationBUM320S-Ph04
Infinity Plan Phase Contrast Objective 10x/0.25, W.D.=4.70mmBUM320S-10xPh
Infinity Plan Phase Contrast Objective 20x/0.50, W.D.=1.75mmA5C.0937-20
Infinity Plan Phase Contrast Objective 40x/0.65, W.D.=0.72mmA5C.0937-40
Infinity Plan Phase Contrast Objective 100x/1.25, W.D.=0.15mmA5C.0937-100

BUM320S Upright Biological Microscope (Zeiss Primo Star Clone)

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