BUM265A Digital Biological Microscope with Android LCD

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It makes the observation more comfortable and make the operation more convenient.

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BUM265A Digital LCD Biological Microscope


  • Makes the Observation More Comfortable
  • Make the Operation More Convenient
  • Real 5 Megapixels Color CMOS Sensor Designed for Professional Microscopy
  • 9.7″ High Resolution LED Capacity Touch Screen
  • Bundled with Professional Measuring Software
  • Windows Operating System
  • Complete Application Functions
  • Embedded Professional Measuring Software


Specification BUM265A
Head 9.7″ LED Capacitance Touch Screen with Android operating system
Trinocular Head, 45° inclined, 360°Rotatable, ±5 Diopter Adjustable, Interpupillary Adjustment 54-75mm
Eyepiece WF10X/18mm, High Eyepoint up to 21mm
Objective Infinity Achromatic Objectives
4x/0.13, 10x/0.30, 40x/0.70 (Spring),100x/1.25 (Spring,oil)
Focus System Low positioning, Coaxial coarse/fine focus system,
Coarse knob tension adjustable, 14mm per rotation
Fine knob 0.1mm per rotation, minimum reading 1 microns on left-side fine knob
Nosepiece Quadruple inward nosepiece
Stage Double layer mechanical, size 142x135mm, moving range 78x52mm
Low positioned X-Y coaxial control knob, can hold 2 specimen slides
Condenser Abbe N.A.1.25  with aperture iris diaphragm and with socket to accommodate Phase Contrast Slide.
Filter Blue filter
Light Source Fixed Kohler, 6V 20W halogen, with brightness control


Optional Accessories Item No.
Head Binocular Head,30° inclined, 360° rotatable, interpupillary distance 48-75mm BI53-2702
Trinocular Head,30° inclined, 360° rotatable, interpupillary distance 48-75mm BI53-2704
Eyepiece WF10x/20mm, High Eyepoint up to 21mm BI51-2701-10B
WF16x/13mm, High Eyepoint up to 21mm BI51-2701-1613
Pointer Eyepiece WF10x/18mm BI51-2702-10
Pointer Eyepiece WF10x/20mm BI51-2702-10B
Reticle Eyepiece WF10x/18mm BI51-2703-10
Reticle Eyepiece WF10x/20mm BI51-2703-10B
Objective Infinity Plan Objective 4X/0.13 ∞/0.17,WD12.31 BI52-2706-04C
10X/0.30 ∞/0.17,WD4.00 BI52-2706-10C
20X/0.45 ∞/0.17,WD1.24 BI52-2706-20C
40X/0.70 ∞/0.17,WD0.29 (Spring) BI52-2706-40C
60X/0.80 ∞/0.17,WD0.40 (Spring) BI52-2706-60C
100X/1.25 ∞/0.17,WD0.09 (Spring,Oil) BI52-2706-100C
Stage Double layer mechanical, size 156x138mm, moving range 76x54mm BI54-2701
Nosepiece Quintuple inward nosepiece BI54-2705-A
Light Upgrade to LED 3W BI56-2705E
Upgrade to LED 3W Set including Battery BI56-2705EC
Filter Green filter BI56-2706-G
Yellow filter BI56-2706-Y
Frosted Glass BI56-2706-F
Polarizing Simple Polarizing Set Analyzer BI5P-2701-A
Polarizer BI5P-2701-P
Dark Field Dark field condenser, dry, for objective 4x,10x,40x,100x BI57-2701
Phase Contrast Centering telescope BI5C-2710-B
Phase Contrast Slide, for Infinity Phase Contrast Objective 10x BI5C-2712-10
40x BI5C-2712-40
100x BI5C-2712-100
Infinity Phase Contrast Objective, Positive 10x BI5C-2720-10P
40x BI5C-2720-40P


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