OEM Microscope: Inverted/Upright for Biological & Industrial Application

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We have developed a robust and inexpensive USB-based imaging engine utilizing a camera sensor. This technology is the result of our development of the IncuScope inverted fluorescent microscope. We would like to offer it as a module for other instrument makers to use in a variety of imaging functions.

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OEM Opportunities

BIOIMAGER can be your OEM partner!

We design and offer optical components, microscopy systems including automation, and accessories.  We can also design and make custom versions.  Products range from optics modules that fit inside or complement your instrumentation to private-label microscopes.

Please contact us for more information.

Private Label Microscope with 1-, 3- or 6-LEDs-10021
Compact Version of Module:


  • Stand-alone microscope
  • Standard optics
  • USB 3.0 interface, enabling easy integration with larger systems and remote monitoring
  • Small enough to fit inside your instrument, on a desk, lab bench, in an incubator or tissue culture hood
  • Can contropl up to 6 LEDs from UV to IR.
  • Compatible with all objective lenses, from 1.25x to 150x
  • Customized USB 3.0 CMOS, sCMOS or CCD cameras, from 1.4MP to 16MP, 1/3″ till 1″. 1-100 fps.
  • Monochrome, natural color and pseudo color imaging
  • Reflected and transmitted illumination
  • Brightfield, fluorescence, epi-illumination, phase contrast, darkfield and polarized imaging
  • External manual control of the lights via ribbon cable

Compact  Incubator Microscope OEM: Inverted/Upright BF/FL/Ph Imaging

1. Simple Imaging Module

We have developed a robust and inexpensive USB-based imaging engine utilizing a camera sensor. This technology is the result of our development of the inverted fluorescent microscope. We would like to offer it as a module for other instrument makers to use in a variety of imaging functions.  The module can consist of any or all of the following parts:

  • Main PCB / Control Board-  which has a USB 3.0 interface for control of PCB, LED and Camera settings, inoput and output of DC power, and 6 LED outputs
  • Camera sensor or a complete camera can be mounted to the imaging module and connected to a PC directly.  Currently a 2.3 MP color  and up to 16 MP color sensors are available. we can offer CMOS, sCMOS and CCD depend on your requirment.
  • Manual LED Control through a ribbon cable to the mian PCB with two conttrol knobs and displays for channel name (1 to 6) and LED level (0-99).
  • Filter Cube-  Contains emission filters, dichroic mirror along with focusing optics.  Has threaded mount for objective lens.
  • Excitation Source-  Contains excitation LEDs and excitation filters.

The following photos illustrate these components:

Private Label Microscope with 1-, 3- or 6-LEDs-10021
This single LED application has unlimitted application. We offer up to 40 different LEDs and custom filters. Popular application is fluorescnce imaging like GFP for C. Elegans.
We also offer reflected Amber (590nm) or far-red LED for IVF (in vitro fertilization), embryo incubation system with Hoffman-like phase contrast module, way cheaper than Primo Vision microscope.
Here is a 2-LED module:

OEM Microscope: Inverted/Upright for Biological & Industrial Application-9871Single LED with a nosepice or an objective lens turret:
OEM Microscope: Inverted/Upright for Biological & Industrial Application-9873
2. Super Compact Module, the smallest module in the world, inside yoru device:

Winning Features:

  • Super compact fluorescence microscope module
  • Footprint dimensions: 53.75×34.45mm, Total optical path 70.75 mm
  • Light source: LED (1A at any excitaion wavelength you like)
  • Cheaper and 2.5x brighter than Lumascope module.
  • Köhler illumination optics design for even and efficient illumination that supports full FOV (18mm for 1.25x/0.04 OL)
  • Illuminator with Z adjustment (delivered properly aligned)
  • Custom imaging optics optimized for emission spectrum of a fluorophore, tube lens magnification: 0.2x (18mm dia. object FOV fits in 1/2” camera chip height: 18×1.25×0.2 = 4.5mm)
  • Tube lens designed to use full efficiency of objective lens (without limiting fluorescent light), which effectively provides over 75% more light than the best avilable in the market
  • RMS thread for objective lens mount
  • Male C-mount camera interface with Z axis adjustment (delivered in aligned position)
  • Excitation filter, dichroic mirror and emission filter INCLUDED in this quotation; sizing required for EX and EM 18mm dia.; DM 25x18mm rectangular
  • MOQ applies.

3. QScope-3N: 3-LED Imaging with nosepiece
Popular Fluorophores: green fluorescence protein (GFP), red fluorescence protein (RFP) or Texas Red, Dapi/Hoechst
Nosepiece: RMS thread with 3 or 4 ports

OEM Microscope: Inverted/Upright for Biological & Industrial Application-9991

Specification IncuScope-500
Optics Infinity-corrected objective with an RMS thread type
Image Resolution 1920×1200 pixels  =  2.3 MP; 1/1.9″(7.20×4.5)

CMOS Sensor (3.75×3.75 microns/pixels)

Image Formats JPEG, TIF, BMP, GIF, PNG.
Optics Chroma or Omega Optical Filters
Image Size 100 kB-4MB
Objectives 1.25x, 2x, 4x, 5x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 50x (oil), 60x (dry), 100x (water, or air/oil) (optional)



Excitation: 482/35 BrightLine Bandpass
Emission: 536/40 BrightLine Bandpass
Dichroic Mirror: 506 nm BrightLine Dichroic Beam Splitter
Fluorophores GFP (EGFP), FITC (Fluorescein), Alexa Fluor488, SuperGlo GFP, wild type GFP (non-UV excitation), red-shifted GFP (S65T), BODIPY, Cy2, Calcein, MitoTracker Green, Oregon Green.
PC communication USB 3.0 port
Power DC adapter
LED Life Time > 20,000 hours
Operating System Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10
Operating Condition 0°C- 42°C, 5%-99% RH non-condensing
Warranty 1 year


Field of Views

Field of View 1.25x: 19x19mm

2x: 9.31x7mm

4x: 7.8×5.85mm

5x: 6.8×5.11mm

10x: 3.4×2.55mm

20x: 1.52×1.14mm

40x: 7.8×5.85mm

1.25x Obj Lens

2x Obj Lens





40x with 16MP camera

50x obj lens with 2.3MP camera

100x (Water)

Colorful brigtfield images (avilable with iS500BF model only)

 BIM5-4x 4X Plan Achromat, Cartilage, 16MP Camera

4x Plan Semi Apo, Cartilage, 16MP Camera

BUM5-10x 10x Plan Semi Apo, Cartilage, 16MP Camera

20x Plan Apo, Cartilage, 16MP Camera

BIM5-40x 40x Plan Obj lens, Cartilage, 16MP Camera

50x Plan Semi Apo Obj lens, Cartilage, 16MP Camera

Following images were collected using 3 LEDs of UV, Blue and Green excitations, 3MP sCMOS camera BIC-C30, and the below-mentioned objective lenses. merged images were generated using IncuView software.

FluoCells® Prepared Slide #2: bovine pulmonary artery endothelial cells (BPAE) cells with Mouse Anti-α-tubulin, BODIPY FL Goat Anti-Mouse IgG, Texas Red-X Phalloidin, and DAPI), (Molecular Probes)

BIHR-20xBF PlanFluor EPI20XBF Plan Semi Apochromat 20X/NA0.45/WD3 Lens:

BIMJ969-60x: 60x /NA0.80/WD0.23 Plan Objective Lens:

FluoCells® Prepared Slide #6 (Muntjac cells with Mouse Anti-OxPhos Complex V Inhibitor Protein, Alexa Fluor 555 Goat Anti-Mouse IgG, Alexa Fluor 488 Phalloidin, and TO-PRO-3) (Molecular Probes)

BIMJ969-60x: 60x /NA0.80/WD0.23 Plan Objective Lens:

incuView Software Interface

The softwrae code allows for complete camera control including: Image acquisition and adjustment of camera exposure and gain for each channel separtely, Monochrome / color / pseadocolour imaging, LED brightness, turn on/off the light during the waiting time, pre-warm up time and time lapse acquisition.


– Time-lapse mode

– Controls each LED separtely

– Turn ON/OFF option for teh LEDs, i.e. digital shutter

– Live view and image capture

– label image color

– Merge images

– Color and monochrome images

– Manual and automatic exposure time and gain

– Captures BF and FL images separately

– Zoom in / Zoom out with a touch of mouse wheel

– Full screen of the live image, resizable tabs


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