BI3D-2002MMC: BIOIMAGER 2D/3D Digital Microscopes

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Advanced Optical System, Low Distoration, High Definition, Large Field of View, Super Depth of Field(≥6mm) and Good Parfocality.The Minimum Size in the Industry and Compact, Practical and Cost-effective.

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  • Live Cell Imaging
  • Hardware&Precision
  • Semiconductor Inspection
  • Parts Micro-electronics
  • Metrology
  • Criminal Investigation
  • Life Science


  1. Advanced Optical System, Low Distoration, High Definition, Large Field of View, Super Depth of Field(≥6mm) and Good Parfocality.
  2. New Design, Easy Operation
  3. Manual 36° 2D/ 3D Rotary Observation Lens Attachment
  4. Super Long Working Distance, Standard W.D: 95mm
  5. Compact, Practical and Cost-effective
  6. 1080P HD Multi-model Microscope Camera,1/2.5” (4:3) CMOS, 5megapixels
  7. The Minimum Size in the Industry
  8. Support External TF Card, 32GB(Max)
  9. Direct Output to HDMI Screen, No Need the PC!
  10. Two Video Output Formats: 1080P/20fps(1920×1080) and 720P/30fps(1280×720)
  11. Photo/Video/Replay Modes Shift, Real-time Digital Zooming Function on Preview
  12. Grid Function:Single and Double Movable Crossing Line Switch
  13. One-Press AWB Button,Compact Menu Keys, Easy Operation
  14. USB2.0 Output to PC, VMS3.5 Measuring Software Image Analysis Software Included

BI3D-2002MMC: BIOIMAGER 2D/3D Digital Microscope

BI3D-2002MMC: BIOIMAGER 2D/3D Digital Microscopes


Zoom Range 0.3X—2.2X
Zoom Ratio 1:7
Standard Objective Lens and Coupler 1X
Total Magnification 7X—150X(17″LCD, Maximum 300X)
Field of View 3.5—25mm
Working Distance 45.66—99mm
Optional Objective Lenses 0.5X&2.0X (Can’t Work with 2D/3D Rotary Observation Lens Attachment)
Optional Coupler 2X

Optical Parameter

Objective Lens 0.5X 1X 2X
N.A. 0.0058-0.041 0.012-0.08 0.014-0.1
Res.(lp/mm) 17.3-122 35.8-238 41-298
MAG. 0.16X-1.13X 0.32X-2.27X 0.65X-4.55X
D.O.F.(mm) 16.3-0.33 6-0.086 2.8-0.055
W.D.(mm) 190 95 45.6
F.O.V.(mm) 1/2″ 50-7 25-3.5 12.3-1

Package Contents

  • BIHT-1008 Zoom Microscope Body
  • 2D/3D Angle Lens Attachment
  • 1X Standard Objective Lens
  • 1X Video Couplers
  • HA-TS50 White Track Stand
  • HS-72 LED Ring Light
  • MMC-500 1080P HD Multi-model Microscope Camera


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