BIHDM6000 High Resolution Digital Microscope

Widely used for the inspection of micro-structure of large silicon chip.

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  • Optional 2D/3D manual viewer to inspect SMT
  • Analysis of bare IC structure and etc

Basic Parameters

  1. Magnification(17″display,1/3″CCD):3X-600X
  2. Minimum resolution:1um
  3. Working distance:30mm
  4. 1X C-mout interface that is suitable for 1/3″,1/2″,1/3.2″CCD
  5. Lens parfocalization
  6. Central position remains unchanged
  7. 3W, DC12V large power LED light which brightness is adjustable
  8. White track stand with coarse/fine tuning institutions which scale unit is 2um
  9. VGA HD digital camera with resolution of 1280X1024 and high speed of 35fps which can connect to display directly



  1. Widely used for the inspection of micro-structure of large silicon chip
  2. Analysis of bare IC structure and the inspection of defective sample
  3. ITO clearance of LCD module and COG observation
  4. Observation and analysis of metallographic structure
  5. Micro-observation of reflective material
  6. Optional motorized device with super depth of field can 3D display and measure the depth(More detail please contact our technician)


Optical Parameter List

Optical Parameters HDM-600 Lens
N.A. 0.025−0.118
Res.(lp/mm) 75−352
MAG. 1.05X−7.35X
D.O.F.(mm) 0.88−0.04
W.D.(mm) 30mm
F.O.V.(mm)1/2″ 7.6−1.1
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