BIM720 Inverted Brightfield/Phase Contrast Biological Microscope

$USD 2,288.00

  • Inverted Biological Microscope
  • Excellent Phase Contrats imaging; Hoffman Modulation Contratst, Puller-type phase contrast condenser
  • 10x Ph, 20x Ph, 40x Ph obj lenses
  • Upgradable to Epi-Fluorescence
  • LWD Condenser
  • XY stage ans sampel holder are inclduded
  • Side Video Port (100% transmsision)

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BIM720 Inverted Optical Microscope, with its light source and condenser on the top, above the stage pointing down, while the objectives and turret are below the stage pointing up. It is very useful for observing living cells or organisms at the bottom of a large container like a tissue culture flask, under more natural conditions than on a glass slide. It is  also used in micromanipulation applications where space above the specimen is required for manipulator mechanisms and the micro tools they hold, and in metallurgical applications where polished samples can be placed on top of the stage and viewed from underneath using reflecting objectives.



Phase-Contrast/BIm720_L7.jpg Phase-Contrast/BIm720_L5.jpg

System Diagram


Check BIM720FL page for upgrade to epi-fluorescence.


BIM720 Inverted Microscope
Eyepiece Wide field WF10X(field number:Φ22mm
Centering telescope
Infinity, Long Working Distance Plan Achromatic Objective PLL 10X0.25 Work distance:4.3 mm,Cover glass thickness:1.2mm
PLL 20X0.40 Work distance:8.0 mm,Cover glass thickness:1.2mm
PLL 40X0.60 Work distance:3.5 mm,Cover glass thickness:1.2mm
PLL 10X0.25 PHP2 Work distance:4.3 mm,Cover glass thickness:1.2mm .Phase Contrast Objective
Head Inclination angle is 45Degree interpupillary distance is 53~75mm.
Focus System Coaxial coarse/fine focus, with tension adjustable, up stop, minimum division of fine focusing is 2um
Nosepiece Quintuple
Stage Fixed stage overall size is 227mmX208mm
Glass rotundity stage overall size Dia:118mm
Mechanical moving device, moving range is 77mm (longitudinal)X114mm (transverse)
Culture dish holder 1 Inside locating slot size: 86mm (W)X129.5mm (L), optional with a circular culture dish Dia 87.5mm
Culture dish holder 2 Inside locating slot size: 34mm (W)X77.5mm (L), optional with a circular culture dish Dia 68.5mm
Culture dish holder 3 Inside locating slot size:57mm (W)X82mm (L)
Condensor Long working distance condenser, working distance: 55mm, and with turnplate phase contrast unit
Light Source 6V30W halogen, brightness enable control
Filter Frosted glass, blue, green filter


Optional Accessory Item No.
Eyepiece Dividing eyepiece10x(field number:Φ22mm) 0.10mm/Div BIM720-10xR
Phase Contrast Objective PL L20X/0.40 PHP2 Work distance8.0 mm BIM720-20xPhL
PL L40X/0.60 PHP2 Work distance3.5 mm BIM720-40xPhL
Nosepiece Sextuple nosepiece BIM720-6N
CCD Adapter 0.5X BIM720-0.5xC
1X BIM720-1xC
DC Adapter For Canon ditigal camera adapter (A610, A620, A630, A640) BIM720-SLRC


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