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BSM300 Zoom Stereo Microscope

  • Binocular (Trinocular) Viewing Head, Inclined at 45°
  • Extra wide field eyepiece EW10×/22
  • Zoom objective 0.8×-5×, Zoom ratio 6.3:1
  • High resolution, Wide viewing field, Long working distance of 115mm
  • With Complete eyepieces, objectives and accessories, it is an ideal instrument for industry assembling, inspection and teaching field

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BSM300 series zoom stereo microscope is an economical solution for both industrial and academic microscopists. It has long working distance, 115mm, can make operation much more easier during observation.

BSM300 left angle view

BSM300 vieiwing

BSM300 left view

BSM300 Zoom Stereo Microscope (Best Seller Stereoscope)-9946

  • Excellent optical system can provide operators high-quality images.
  • Well-coated optical system can provide sharp & clear images with extremely flatness and contrast.
  • Ergonomic design can make users feel comfortable after long-time operation.
  • Standard zoom magnification 8X-50 with zoom ratio 1:6.3.Standard working distance is 115mm. With additional objectives, it can be increased to 211mm.
  • Configured with WF10X/22mm eyepiece. Each eyepiece allows diopter adjustment to suit different users.
  • Full set of eyepieces, auxiliary objectives and other accessories can fulfill different needs.
  • Mainly designed for Industrial Inspection & quality control

BSM300 Zoom Stereo Microscope (Best Seller Stereoscope)-9946

BSM300 Zoom Stereo Microscope

BSM300 models

High-Quality Inspection for Your Production Line

Specially designed for Industrial Inspection & QC departments. BUM300 series zoom stereo microscope is an important part of manufacturing system that require precise optical tests during production and processing of components and systems. If your company depends on reliable optical inspection during the production process, then BSM300 is the ideal solution for you. Large stand and long working distance (115mm) can make operation much more easier during observation.

BSM300 vieiwing

Easy-To-Use & Cost-Effective For Teaching and Learning

BSM300 zoom stereo microscope is also a good instrument for students to enrich their learning experience. No specific specimen preparation skills is required. Students will soon be able to use the stereo microscope independently after a brief introduction and a few practical exercises. Objects found in nature, such as plants and
insects, or items from around the house or classroom, such as coins, stamps, pieces of cloth can also be used for observation.

BSM300 veiwing head

Drawing tubeBinocular viewing head, inclined at 45°YES
Trinocular viewing head, inclined at 45°YES
Digital viewing head, inclined at 45°
Diopter adjustment eyepieceExtra wide field, EW10X/22mmYESYES
Zoom objective0.8X-5XYESYES
Zoom ratio6.3:1YESYES
Working distance115mmYESYES
Interpulillary distance52-75mmYESYES
Glass insertGlass insert, diameter 140mmYESYES
Opal & black acrylic plateYESYES
IlluminationLED reflected and transmitted illumination 100V-240VYESYES
Optional accessoryAuxiliary objective:OptionOption
0.5X (WD: 211mm)
2X (WD: 43.5mm)
Many kinds of stand and baseOptionOption
WF15X/16, WF20X/12, WF30X eyepieceOptionOption
Photo attachmentOptionOption
Video attachmentOptionOption

BSM300 dimensions

BSM300 flow chart

BSM300 ilumination

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