IncuScope IS500 Brightfield / Fluorescence Inverted Incubator Microscopes

$USD 4,249.00

  • Inverted Biological Microscope
  • Brightfield and fluorescnce imaging
  • GFP Fluorescnce as default (EX 482/35, EM 536/40nm, DM 506) or select any fluorescence filter from UV to Infrared
  • 1.4 to 16 MP Camera
  • 1.25x-100x objective lenses.
  • Incubator Microscope; fits inside hood or incubator
  • LED illumination
  • Built-in camera
  • Great Time-Lapse Imaging Software with turn on/off lights (digital shutter)
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IncuScope IS500 Incubator Microscope:  Small, Smart & Simple

What is an IncuScope?
The IncuScope is a low price, small, compact, USB-based, portable digital inverted brightfield and epi-fluorescence microscope. The microscope fits on a shelf inside an incubator or inside a hood. It has a built-in digital camera and light source. This runs on a laptop or desktop using just one USB cable and captures fluorescence and/or brightfield images. Available with a variety of objective lenses from 1.25x to 100x. The software allows doing time-lapse study and controlling the light to turn on/off to avoid photo-bleaching and photo-toxicity. Thus, this saves paying for heating stage or miniature incubator, mechanical shutter, digital camera and fluorescence attachment which are important components for live cell imaging application. Its price is the lowest in the live cell imaging field. A side-by-side comparison with similar products such as Lumascope, Juli, EVOS, this has better images. When it comes to the price, this is the most economic choice. Last but not least, you can check your cell culture inside an incubator via Internet or smart-phone if you connect the IncuScope computer to Internet / WiFi and use our remote-control software.

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Why IncuScope?

There is no greatness where there is not simplicity Leo Tolstoy, quoted in The week.

  • Simple: the most simple digital microscope in the world, requires no setup, almost no training, instant installation, familiar PC environment.
  • Affordable: The lowest price video time-lapse microscope in the world.
  • Your cells are always happy since they never leave incubator.
  • Using our remote-control software/app you can see inside your incubator via Internet or iPhone, Android, Blackberry

Highlighted Applications:

  • Long-term live cell imaging in single and time lapse modes
  • Cell doubling and movement measurements
  • Stem cell differentiation movies
  • More sophisticated uses are also easily achieved with the IncuScope: cell counting or hemocytometry and growth monitoring. Using the IncuScope, it is possible to monitor cells remotely through the web from within a tissue culture incubator, overnight, away from the lab.

Unlimited Scientific and Routine Applications 

  • Microfluidics field, lab-on-chip, MEMS
  • Viral infections, HIV/AIDS study and all level III safety labs
  • Embryology, In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) studies
  • Bacteriology
  • Stem Cell Colony formation  study (long term live cell imaging)
  • Transfections, knock-out studies such as siRNA tagged
  • Drug discovery research and clinical labs
  • Field microscopy, such as marine biology
  • Proliferation assay
  • Kinetic cell migration assay
  • Kinetic angiogenesis
  • Cell invasion
  • Cytotoxicity
  • Cell culture quality control
  • Apoptosis

Colorful brigtfield images (available with iS500BF model only)

  • Yields a magnification on familiar laptop displays of approximately 20× with a field of view of 1 mm square.
  • Standard filter sets
  • Brightfield capability included. Phase Contrast is optional.
  • Time-lapse study with turn on/off light (without using a shutter!)
  • USB 3.0 interface, enabling easy integration with larger systems and remote monitoring
  • Small enough to fit on a desk, lab bench, in an incubator or tissue culture hood (approximately 190 x 125 x 115 mm or 7.5 x 5 x 4.5 in).
  • #1 Performance/Price in the Market; it saves paying to heating stage, shutter and camera, e.g. compare it with Zeiss

Price: The best price in the imaging market:

  • LumaScope LS500 ( > $8,000)
  • Juli (> $15,000)
  • EVOS (> $27,000)
  • IncuCyte (> $77,000)

Compact & Turn-Key Imaging Solutions:IncuScope

What is IncuScope?
IncuScope is a compact inverted fluorescence microscope that fits on a shelf inside an incubator or inside a hood. It has a built-in camera and LED light source. This system runs on a laptop/desktop using just one USB cable, allows capturing fluorescence and bright field images, and has several options of objective lenses and fluorescent filters. The IncuScope is the most simple and affordable live cell imaging device in the market.


  • Fits inside a hood or an incubator (saves heating stage, operates in natural environment of incubator and sterile condition)
  • USB-based camera & LED illumination
  • Avoids photo-toxicity & photo-bleaching (digital shutter)
  • The best performance/price live cell imaging device in the market
  • Extremely simple and user-friendly software & hardware
  • Remote control (browser based, iPhone or Android Apps to see inside an incubator!)
Optics Infinity-corrected objective with an RMS thread type
Image Resolution 1920×1200 pixels  =  2.3 MP; 1/1.9″(7.20×4.5)

CMOS Sensor (3.75×3.75 microns/pixels)

Image Formats JPEG, TIF, BMP, GIF, PNG.
Optics Chroma or Omega Optical Filters
Image Size 100 kB-4MB
Objectives 1.25x, 2x, 4x, 5x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 50x (oil), 60x (dry), 100x (water, or air/oil) (optional)


Excitation: 482/35 BrightLine Bandpass
Emission: 536/40 BrightLine Bandpass
Dichroic Mirror: 506 nm BrightLine Dichroic Beam Splitter
Fluorophores GFP (EGFP), FITC (Fluorescein), Alexa Fluor488, SuperGlo GFP, wild type GFP (non-UV excitation), red-shifted GFP (S65T), BODIPY, Cy2, Calcein, MitoTracker Green, Oregon Green.
PC communication USB 3.0 port
Power DC adapter
LED Life Time > 20,000 hours
Operating System Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10
Operating Condition 0°C- 42°C, 5%-99% RH non-condensing
Warranty 1 year

Field of Views

Field of View 1.25x: 19x19mm

2x: 9.31x7mm

4x: 7.8×5.85mm

5x: 6.8×5.11mm

10x: 3.4×2.55mm

20x: 1.52×1.14mm

40x: 7.8×5.85mm

1.25x Obj Lens 2x Obj Lens
4x 5x
10x 20x

40x with 16MP camera

50x obj lens with 2.3MP camera

100x (Water)

Colorful brigtfield images (available with iS500BF model only)


BIM5-4x 4X Plan Achromat, Cartilage, 16MP Camera

4x Plan Semi Apo, Cartilage, 16MP Camera

BUM5-10x 10x Plan Semi Apo, Cartilage, 16MP Camera

""20x Plan Apo, Cartilage, 16MP Camera

BIM5-40x 40x Plan Obj lens, Cartilage, 16MP Camera


50x Plan Semi Apo Obj lens, Cartilage, 16MP Camera

Following images were collected using 3 LEDs of UV, Blue and Green excitations, 3MP sCMOS camera BIC-C30, and the below-mentioned objective lenses. merged images were generated using IncuView software.

FluoCells® Prepared Slide #2: bovine pulmonary artery endothelial cells (BPAE) cells with Mouse Anti-α-tubulin, BODIPY FL Goat Anti-Mouse IgG, Texas Red-X Phalloidin, and DAPI), (Molecular Probes)

BIHR-20xBF PlanFluor EPI20XBF Plan Semi Apochromat 20X/NA0.45/WD3 Lens:

BIMJ969-60x: 60x /NA0.80/WD0.23 Plan Objective Lens:

FluoCells® Prepared Slide #6 (Muntjac cells with Mouse Anti-OxPhos Complex V Inhibitor Protein, Alexa Fluor 555 Goat Anti-Mouse IgG, Alexa Fluor 488 Phalloidin, and TO-PRO-3) (Molecular Probes)

BIMJ969-60x: 60x /NA0.80/WD0.23 Plan Objective Lens:

Microscope Models:

Model Description
iS510 Brightfield and Epifluor Imaging (Per specification table)

includes iS500-OEM plus focus, enclosure

no obj lens, no XY stage

iS500BF iS500 with Brightfield imaging Only
iS510-OEM Brightfield and Epifluor Imaging

includes just the epi-fluorescnce module (filter cube, filters), BF and FL LEDs, camera, PCB and software

iS510T iS500 with Tablet PC or Retina Display
iS520 iS500 with BF and 2 Fl channels
iS530 iS500 with BF and 3 FL channels

IncuScope Accessories

  • Customized any fluorescence filters from UV to Infrared
  • Various Camera Selections, i.e. different resolution (1.4MP to 16MP), speed (1-90 fps) and chip size (1/3”-1”).
  • Objective lenses: 1.25x, 2x, 4x, 5x, 0x, 20x, 40x, 50x (oil), 60x (dry), 100x (water, or air/oil)

1. LED Selection

You select the LEDs, we will select the proper excitation emission and barrier filters.

LED Nominal


Minimum LED

Power Output

Applications/ Fluorophores
Deep UV 265 nm 10 mW
Deep UV 280 nm 25 mW
Deep UV 300 nm 40 mW
Deep UV 340 nm 53 mW
UV 365 nm 190 mW
UV 365 nm 1150 mW
UV 375 nm 387 mW Dapi/Hoecst
UV 385 nm 270 mW
UV 385 nm 1650 mW
UV 395 nm 400 mW
UV 405 nm 870 mW
UV 405 nm 1500 mW
Violet 420 nm 750 mW
Royal Blue 450 nm 1850 mW
Royal Blue 455 nm 900 mW
Blue 470 nm 650 mW GFP
Blue 490 nm 255 mW
Cyan 505 nm 400 mW
Green 530 nm 350 mW
Lime 565 nm 880 mW
Amber 590 nm 160 mW RFP/ Texas Red
Amber 595 nm 445 mW
Orange 617 nm 600 mW
Red 625 nm 700 mW
Deep Red 660 nm 940 mW
Far Red 730 nm 515 mW
IR 780 nm 200 mW
IR 780 nm 800 mW
IR 810 nm 325 mW
IR 850 nm 900 mW
IR 850 nm 1400 mW
IR 880 nm 300 mW
IR 940 nm 800 mW
IR 970 nm 35 mW
IR 1050 nm 50 mW
IR 1200 nm 30 mW
IR 1300 nm 25 mW
IR 1450 nm 31 mW
IR 1550 nm 31 mW
Broadband 470 – 850 nmf 70 mW
Warm White 3000 Kg 570 mW Brightfield
Warm White 3000 Kg 2000 mW
Cold White 6500 Kg 800 mW
Cold White 6500 Kg 2350 mW

2. Cameras

Order Code Sensor & Size (mm) Pixel (μm) G Sensitivity

Dark Signal

FPS/Resolution Binning Exposure
BIC-T3C-12C 12MP / IMX226(C)

1/1.7″ (7.40×5.55)

1.85×1.85 280mv with 1/30s

0.1mv with 1/30s

Q3/coming soon 1×1,2×2 0.1ms~2000ms
BIC-T3C-6C 6.3MP / IMX178(C)

1/1.8″ (7.37×4.92)

2.4×2.4 425mv with 1/30s

0.15mv with 1/30s



1×1,2×2 0.244ms~2000ms
BIC-T3C-3C2 3.1MP/IMX123(C)


2.5×2.5 600mv with 1/30s

0.15mv with 1/30s



1×1,2×2 0.244ms~2000ms


2.3M / IMX185(C)


3.75×3.75 1120mv with 1/30s
 0.5mv with 1/30s 30@1920×1200 1×1,2×2 0.244ms~2000ms
BRC-1600 16MP / MN3412 (Color)


1.335 x 1.335 1200mV 4fps @4608×3456

16 @ 2304 x1728

1×1,2×2 1ms-999ms

We also offer CCD and sCMOS cameras, either USB 3.0 or USB2.0. Please contact us for further assistance.

3. Obj lenses


a) plan achromat

b) plan semi-apo

c) Plan apo

Magnifications: 1.25x, 2x, 4x, 5x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 50x, 60x and 100x (oil, dry or water)

4. Accessories

Mechanical stage can be installed from both right and left sides easily, even from the front. The mechanical XY stage grabs a micro-well plate directly without having any holder)
all customized shape of sample holders T-25 Flask holder T-75 Flask holder are also available.
dimensions for the Terasaki holder. 35-mm petri-dish holders needs this adapter.

incuView Software Interface


Time-lapse mode

Controls each LED separtely

Turn ON/OFF option for teh LEDs, i.e. digital shutter

Live view and image capture

label image color

Merge images

Color and monochrome images

Manual and automatic exposure time and gain

Captures BF and FL images separately

Zoom in / Zoom out with a touch of mouse wheel

Full screen of the live image, resizable tabs

Please select the products based on your requirements below table:

Inverted Fluorescence Upright Fluorescence Stereo Fluorescence In Vivo Imaging
Heating Stages Fluorescence Accessories Objective Lenses OEM



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