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Advanced Microscopy Imaging

The best performance per price microscopy-based imaging solutions 

BIOIMAGER Inc. specializes in providing the turn-key and high efficient microscopy-based imaging solutions for life sciences and industrial applications, including epi-fluorescence, biological, metallurgical and polarizing microscopy products. The primary services include (but not limited to) sales, custom-design/OEM, on-site installation and training, repair and maintenance, and free of charge imaging of your samples or animals in our site. We offer high-end in vivo and live cell imaging tools and cutting-edge material inspection imaging software and hardware. Our success is primarily due to our determination in satisfying our customers, considering their needs and most importantly meeting their imaging requirements within a budget limit. We offer unlimited technical supports via phone and email and free consultation.

Stereo Miccroscopes: Long working distance, Reflected/Transmitted, LED, Polarizing, Epi-Fluorescence & automated Models
Polarizing Microscopes: Incident & Transmitted, Polarized, Brightfield and Darkfield Images; Specialized for Asbestos, Jewlery, Minerals...
Incubtaor Microscopes: Small, Smart and Simple Microscope with lots of configurations
Blogs: From Basic to Advanced discussions, tutorials, references
Custom Microscopes & Image analysis for in Life Sciences (Pathology, Immuno-histochemistry & Fluorescence) & Industrial Sciences (Quality Control, Physical Science & Particle Analysis)
Industrial Inspection Microscopes: Reflected /Transmitted, BF/DF/DIC/Polarized Microscope with automatic 3D measurement of height / thickness.

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