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Advanced Microscopy Imaging!

BioImager provides you the best performance per price microscopy-based imaging solutions! 

BIOIMAGER Inc. specializes in providing the turn-key and high efficient microscopy-based imaging solutions for life sciences and industrial applications, including epi-fluorescence, biological, metallurgical and polarizing microscopy products. The primary services include (but not limited to) sales, custom-design/OEM, on-site installation and training, repair and maintenance, and free of charge imaging of your samples or animals in our site. We offer high-end live cell imaging tools and cutting-edge material inspection imaging software and hardware. Our success is primarily due to our determination in satisfying our customers, considering their needs and most importantly meeting their imaging requirements within a budget limit. We offer unlimited technical supports via phone and email and free consultation.

* Free consultation and estimation. ** Unlimited technical supports.*** The customer satisfaction is still #1 with us.  

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Recent Imaging Products 

 LCD/BRC6012_retina.jpg  scanner/uscopemxii1.jpg    

Retina Display Camera 

(Easy, Smart & Cost-Effective Imaging)




uScope Slide Scanner
(Fast Scan,
         Deep Zoom, Low Price)





Featured Products

 binocular/BS2092.jpgHuvitz/hsz730tr.jpg Motic/ba300-1.jpgHuvitz/HRM300Auto.jpg 

Biological Microscopes Upright or Inverted; Brightfield, phase-contrast, darkfield, polarized or epi-fluorescence; Custom Design, New or Used.   

Stereo Microscopes Long working distance, Reflected/Transmitted, LED, Polarizing, Epi-Fluorescence & automated Models

Polarizing Microscopes Incident & Transmitted, Polarized, Brightfield and Darkfield Images; Specialized for  Asbestos,   Jewlery, Minerals...

Metallurgical Microscopes Reflected /Transmitted, BF/DF/DIC/Polarized Microscope with automatic 3D measurement of height / thickness.

LCD/BLm-700A_head.jpgLCD/bl509a-01.jpgcamera/CT3_2.jpeg camera/bi-xfocus01.jpg

LCD Microscopes All types of Upright, Inverted, Stereo, Biological, Epi-Fluorescence, Metallurgical, Polarizing, Gemological  Microscopes with a 9" LCD & a built-in 5MP camera

Tablet  Cameras for all brands & types of microscopes: A 10" Tablet (Touch screen HD LED) coupled with a 5.0MP camera; Android OS. 

Digital Cameras: CMOS, sCMOS, CCD, Cooled CCD, EMCCD, HD Video; Monochrome / Color; USB2.0, USB3.0, FireWire.

C-Moun & SLR Adapters for all brands of microscopes and cameras: Zeiss, Leica, Olympus, Nikon, Huvitz, Meiji Techno, Motic, etc.

InVivo/Fluorvivo_path_4.jpgTokai-Hit/thermoplate-heating_olympus-inv.jpg  petri-dish/image002.jpgMeidaCybernetics/cellcounting.jpg 

In Vivo Fluorescence Imaging designed for small animals, from the whole body level up to the single cell level resolutions. Ask us how to capture image of your animal in our site free of charge. 

Live Cell Imaging Chambers Miniature Incubators, Heating stage, Digital gas mixer,  Temperature control, Objective lens heater, etc; Customized for all brands of fluorescent & confocal microscopes. 

Consumable Imaging Products  Confocal/Flour glass-bottom petri dishes, chamber slides and well-plates; Japanese quality, Chinese price, Korean product. 

Image Analysis in Life Sciences (Pathology, Immuno-histochemistry & Fluorescence) & Industrial Sciences (Quality Control, Physical Science & Particle Analysis).


 Gel Imaging Professional Gel Scanner for Electrophoresis Gel, SDS-PAGE, Western Blotting, etc. 

Histology Slide Scanner The lowest price pathology slide scanner, 188MP image in less than a minute.

Realtime Telepathology Imaging View, Stream, and Record HD video from one location to another at 60 fps!  

The Most Popular Imaging Products 

 fluorescent/BIM700FLW_02.jpg Huvitz/hrm300RT.jpg Stereo/HSZ780_LQ.jpg fluorescent/BIF500.jpg camera/buc4-00.jpg

BIM800FLW Epi-Fluorescence Microscope with filter wheel 

HRM300 3D ProfilerBrightfield, Darkfield, Polarizer & DIC.

BSF780 Complete Epi-Fluorescence Research Stereo Microscopy Package

BIM500FL Epi-Fluorescence Microscope

BIC4D2-1.40-C/M Cooled 2 stage 1.4MP CCD Camera


Cutting-Edge Microscope


          BDS-200L Large 3D Imaging

  • High Performance digital microscope
  • High Resolution (0.1um in 30mm travel) 3D Images of large samples 
  • Optical magnifications from 0.45 to 20x and total magnification of 25x-1000x
  • Great tool for 3D imaging of large specimens (0.1-10mm) such as minerals, jewelries, industrial inspection of PCB, small animals such zebrafish, chicken, fruits, seeds, etc.
  • Epi-Fluorescence imaging of small animals (optional)


Coming Soon 


Multi-Color Gel Imaging

 Imaging is fun. We’ll make it awesome.