HDS-5800 Digital Automated 3D Imaging System

$USD 30,000.00


Huvitz HDS-5800x all-in-one digital automated 3D imaging system up to 5,800x magnification, 4x-103x optical zoom, with tilted arm.

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The world’s first, large range of magnification
There is an extraordinary range from 50X to 5,800X. It converts the wide range(50X~5,800X) without lens change for user’s convenience.

It also acquires sample’s optimal image by using 24 steps of zoom magnification.

21.5″ Full HD Monitor
The HDS system incorporates a 21.5″ Full HD LCD display monitor. This monitor provides 1920 X 1080 display and high contrast for brilliant image. In addition, it offers software convenience through interface.

One-click Camera setting
It offers five kinds of camera setting options to setup a part of detailed image. (Gamma, Contrast, Chroma, Color, Edge) You can choose one of 8 preset images to apply needed effect and acquire customized image

  • High speed Tiling
  • HDS-5800 offers high speed tiling through movement of XY stage during image composition. Current image will be tiled together with the previous images in real time. Therefore, it’s useful to observe wider sample at high magnification.
  • A variety of 3D measurement tools
  • The HDS can easily acquire professional and customized profile data. In addition, various measurement tools are provided to aid collection, verification and accuracy of measurements.

  • Easy rotating and tilting stand – up to 150 degree
  • The standard HDS stand provides flexibility for imaging from a wide range of angles to acquire images of the most difficult specimens. The stand can be tilted through 150º and objects can be easily rotated.
  • Motorized Stage (Optional); The joystick with adjustable speed to increase usability
  • The diverse motorized stages provide observers with various features designed to meet various needs for sample type. In addition, the usage of motorized stage will be widen with special function such as 3D scanning, off-display measurement and so on.
  • The High-Intensity LED desinged to optimize the realistic high resolution image
  • It provides transmitted vertical illumination source so that its lights can be cast brightly with various samples and convenient without waiting time for warming up. In addition, reflected and transmitted lights can be available at the same time.

Highlighted Features

1. All in One Revolver Adopted Type + 100x Objective Lens; 40x-5.800x magnifications.

2. Motorized Stage in two models: Without Linear Scale (Accuracy: 0.5um) & With Linear Scale (Accuracy: 0.1um); Precision Measurement, Auto-Measurement, Auto-Tiling

3. Flexible Report Format, MS-Excel supported. No manufacturer supports ‘Report Format’ compatible with Microsoft Excel, unless you pay extra

4. Excellent Tiling: Speed, Stability and Imaging Quality are more competitive than others.

5. Powerful Measuring Tool, adopted from Confocal Microscopes

Winning Features of HDS-5800?

Winning Feature 1: Powerful High Zoom Magnification (All in One)

  • High-performance zoom lens of up to 40X ~5,800X all in one (Competitors have up to 2,500X only)
  • Bright Field and Dark Field
  • Various Optional Accessories:
    • Zoom Body + Objective Lenses (Essentially Required)
    • Filters, Apertures and Adapters (Optionally Required)  

Model Specifications
40x-5800x Zoom Lens (HDS-5800RZ) Optical Magnification 0.711x – 103.111x
Total Magnification 40x-5,800x
Field of view 12.375mm-0.085mm
Working Distance 10mm (100x Obj.: 3mm)
LWD 5x 40x-290x
LWD 20x 160x-1160x
LWD 50x 400x-2900x
LWD 100x 800x-5800x

Winning Feature 2: Motorized Stage (Auto-Precise Measurement)

  • Two Options available depending on the required Precision
    • a) Without Linear Scale (Accuracy: 0.5um)
    • b) With Linear Scale (Accuracy: 0.1um)
  • Auto Tiling
    • Much more stable and convenient than Manual Tiling
    • Excellent Image-Stitching Performance.
  • Our own Brand Motorized Stage.
    • Other competitors don’t have their own Motorized Stages.

Winning Feature 3: Flexible Report Format

Competitors  Huvitz HDS-5800 
  • Editable Report Page provided on its S/W
  • Ability to save images in some of image-formats
  • Limitation to Editing Tasks in many aspects.
  • Open Office S/W similar to Microsoft Excel.
  • Editable with any Open office S/W or Excel in any PCs.
  • No Limitation to any Additional Editing Tasks in any PCs.

HDS-5800 vs Other available products in the market:

Brand Huvitz Hirox Keyence Comments
Image Huvitz/huvitz-001.jpg Huvitz/hirox-01.jpg Huvitz/keyence.jpg
Model HDS-5800 Hirox- MXG2500REZ 

(Body : KH7700) 



Zoom Magnification 50x to 5800X  35x to 2500x  0.1x to 5000 (Option) Wide zoom magnification
LENS 4 MAG. Revolver

(5x, 20x, 50x, 100x)

3 MAG. Revolver

(Low, Mid, High)



Working Distance 10mm (Only 100x 3mm) 10mm  –
FOV  0.085 to 9.90mm 0.12 to 8.71mm
 Camera  1/1.8″ 2.11MP CCD  1/1.8′ 2.11MP CCD 1/1.8″ 2.11MP CCD


 FPS  20 fps  15 fps  15 fps or 28 fps
 MONITOR 750GB  160 GB 500 GB
LIGHT SOURCE LED Halogen Lamp Halogen lamp







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