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What gets prize for image is taken by a microscope?

You may see everything, anything or something under microscope. Will you get any award for that image or video? Let us see what are so popular, why they get prizes and how you can reach that cool step.

The 2018 year’s Nikon Small World Motion Photomicrography competition has provided a fascinating glimpse into the realm of the extremely tiny. Watch a flea giving birth and a zebrafish embryo developing its complex nervous system.

After reviewing microscopic images and videos got prizes, something in general we can say that:

  1. Something natural from our ordinary life can look incredibly beautiful. You may never guess that soy sauce drying up can look so beautiful! If you look at fungi of meat can be so gorgeous.
  2. There is beauty pretty much in everything. You need to observe, record and share it.
  3. Birth, development is always attractive. Just look at zebrafish, insects under microscope.
  4. Image contrast is really matter. All images show very descent contrast and great resolution of the specimen under microscope.

here are two videos to check


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