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Surface Disinfecting UV Light, BIL-UVL

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The UV light kills bacteria, fungi, yeasts and viruses in any place.

How it works?

The Ultraviolet  or UV light is divided into four bands of UV-A, UV-B, UV-C and Vacuum-UV. Among them, it is only UV-C  bandwidth that has the strongest effect in killing the bacteria and viruses. This is at 254nm wavelength range.


  • A multi-purpose UV trolley
  • Three speeds of 15min, 30 min and 1 hour operation
  • 15 seconds delay with alerting sounds
  • Automatic turn on after delay time and turn off after set time.
  • Tube wavelengths: UV (185nm) and UVC /Ozone (254nm)

UV Light for Surface Disinfection


  • Dental offices
  • Hospital, surgery rooms, veterinary clinics
  • Schools, daycare, kindergarten, university / colleague class rooms for kids, young students and adults
  • Sport clubs, fitness centers
  • Physiotherapy, acupuncture, massage centers
  • Beauty salons, nail, hair, laser removal salons
  • Office placess
  • Playgrounds and toy rooms
  • Home, children room


The lamp house uses one or two wavelengths , both at ultraviolet range, depending on the model:

  1. Ultraviolet: the ozone-free ultraviolet sterilization lamp can only sterilize the place and surfaces that are exposed to UV light rays. The places and areas which are blocked by direct exposing of the light will not be affected.  A standard wavelength of UV for disinfection is 185nm.
  2. Ozone ultraviolet: the UV sterilization lamp with both UV and Ozone is a double sterilization technology.  This allows disinfection of surfaces which are not exposed directly to the UV light.

Disinfection Test Results

The product was tested under standard protocols for sterilization.

Test procedure was as following

  • Electrical: The product was placed on the non-conductive turntable 0.8m above the ground at a chamber. Spectrum analyzer was set in the peak detection. Conducted emission, radiated emission and radiated electromagnetic disturbance as well as immunity of Equipment Under Test (EUT) were determined, according EN61195.
  • Biological: according to standards of EN IEC 55015:2019, EN IEC 61000-3-2:2019, EN 61000-3-3: 2013 + A1:2019, EN 61547:2009.

Sample Results:

average CFU of positive controlaverage CFU of testing groupSterilization rate (%)sterilization logarithmic reduce
E. Coli 80999.6×10^5, 9.3 x10^5, 8.8x 10^5<10>99.99>4.97
Staphylococcus aureus


1.4×10^6, 1.4×10^6, 1.3×10^6<10>99.99>5.14
Candida albicans ATCC 102318.3×10^5, 8.6^5, 8.0×10^5<10>99.99>4.92
Shigella sonnet NICPBP515921.6×10^6, 1.5×10^6, 1.7×10^6<10>99.99>5.20
Aspergillus niger ATCC164043.4×10^6,












A colony-forming unit (CFU, cfu, Cfu) is a unit used in microbiology to estimate the number of viable bacteria or fungal cells in a sample. Viable is defined as the ability to multiply via binary fission under the controlled conditions. Counting with colony-forming units requires culturing the microbes and counts only viable cells, in contrast with microscopic examination which counts all cells, living or dead. The visual appearance of a colony in a cell culture requires significant growth, and when counting colonies it is uncertain if the colony arose from one cell or a group of cells. Expressing results as colony-forming units does not distinguish.



  • Do not stay near by the UV light when it is turned on. Make sure you leave the space during the 15 seconds delay time.
  • Do not use the room light or day light during the lamp usage time.
  • Do not look at the light when the light is on.
  • Ozone light may generate some unpleasant smelling. make sure you use the ventilation on during the device usage.


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a) Shape and Design

Circular StandPillar Stand, 4 wheels, Manual angle adjustment of tubePillar Stand with automatic jack, vertical positioned tube

b) Technical Specifications

VoltageAC 110-120V / 60Hz
Wavelength185nm (UV)
253.7nm (UVC) or Ozone
Housing MaterialAluminum Alloy
Housing ColorWhite
Timing Control·      15 seconds delay time

·      15, 30, 60 minutes

·      Manual turn on/off and Remote control

Usage Area20-45 m2 / 200-450ft2 (SQFT)
40-80m2 / 400-800ft2 (SQFT)
80-100m2 / 800-1000ft2 (SQFT)
Design & ShapeCircular Stand
Pillar with 4 wheels, adjustable angle of tube
Stand with automatic lifting jack
Product DimensionOD197x445mm
320×310 (base) x 1060mm (height)

Tube length: 960mm

Package Dimension & Weight55x52x53cm, 4 PC/CTN, 8.5kg /17lb
115x30x27cm, 1 PC/CTN, 9kg / 18lb
Warranty1 year
Extended Warranty2 Years

Note: ● Standard Outfit, ○ Optional

c) Dimensions:


Product Wavelength: UVC  or UVC+Ozone

Power: 80W, 120W (popular), 150W

Stand Type:  Single Circular, Post with adjustable angle arm, Post type with jack (most popular).


Customers also add

a) Spare bulb, minimum: 1.

b) Air Purifier:


1Input voltage: 110V/220V ± 22, frequency: 50Hz /60Hz± 1Hz
2Output power: 100W
3UV lamp power: 25W * 2
4UV lamp length: H tube 317mm
5Ultraviolet lamp intensity: ≥ 78um / cm2
6UV radiation peak wavelength: 253.7nm, 253.7nm+185nm
7Atmospheric pressure: 86kpa-106jkpa
8Applied Weisheng sensor generation 1 (. WS1.)
9Working environment temperature and humidity range: – 15 ~ 50 , humidity: ≤ 85%
10Standby power consumption: under the condition of 110V/220V 50Hz/60Hz, ≤ 0.5W
11Fan: 220VAC/110VAC speed regulating motor, power ≤ 130W
12Particle sensor: detect PM2.5, PWM pulse width output
13It adopts chord tone prompt, and the light bar changes color automatically with the air quality
14Adopt color digital screen to switch particle content and timing time in turn
15Touch point selection, infrared remote control
16Four color strip power supply 12V (12V color LED)
17Product size: 350 * 230 * 670mm

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