6-Function Single-Beam UV/VIS Spectrophotometer for Photometery, quantification, Kinetics, multiple wavelength, scanning & biology, BK-UV1900/ BK-V1900

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Single Beam UV/Vis Spectrophotometer

Functions: Photometry, Quntitaive, Kinetics, Multi-wavelength, Scanning & biology

Spectral Bandwidth: 2nm

Wavelength Range: From 190 or 320nm to 1100nm.

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Spectrophotometers are widely used for Organic chemistry, Inorganic chemistry,Life sciences,foods, Medicine and health, Agriculture,Geology,Metallurgy and Environment etc.fields.

Functions and Applications

Photometric:Set the factor K, The direct calculation of k*a results. Measurement data can be saved.

Quantitative – Test total nitrogen by double wavelength method:
Double wavelength test method △A=MA1-NA2, can calculate the linear of inputted concentration C and △A,

Application: Test method of total nitrogen in water quality monitoring: △A=A220-2A275

Spectrum:Application for hexavalent chromium: The colored matter reacted from hexavalent chromium aqueous solution and diphenylcarbazide. One key for looking for the peak in spectrum function, looking in data sheet, as well. The position of absorption peak as picture 540nm. By marking the curve and quantitative to test the sample concentration.

Kinetics:Test the sample changes in a period, get △A/t, display the spectrum curve.

Multiple Wavelength Application: Neutral filter 10% measurement accuracy.

BIO: DNA/Protein test, test the sample’s protein and DNA concentration.

Save: Measurement data, scanning patterns are preserved at the host and disk U

One Key Upgrade: Plug the USB with upgrade program, switch on and go to upgrade menu, press no. key 1, the instrument will be upgraded automatically.


●Large LCD screen(480*272 Dots) with 65 thousand true color and support U disk data saving
●Imported & Environmental Deuterium lamp, preventing from Ozone inhalation
● Data output: Data can be exported to U disk (USB Output)
●Print port: Instrument can connect PCL printer for printing A4 paper (USB Port)
● Adopted high-class grating with wholly hermetic light path design, to ensure the instrument has the super low stray light
●Real-time monitoring the lifetime of Deuterium lamp and Tungsten lamp with advanced system
●Pre-aligned design ensures the user can change lamps conveniently
●With GLP self-check function, check the wavelength accuracy and Photometry accuracy, can provide test report and power-off protection
●Wavelength calibration, wavelength setting, change lamp source and dark current calibration automatically
●With Si02 coating optical mirror, reducing the pollution from outside fully
●Optional PC Software to expand the applications to Quantitative, Multi-Wavelength and Kinetics, Spectrum Scanning, DNA/Protein test

Single Beam UV/VIS Spectrophotometer for Photometery, quantification, Kinetics, multiple wavelength, scanning & biology, BK-UV1900/ BK-V1900

Functions & Applications

Basic Fuctions

  • Photometry;Test Abs., Transmittance and Energy by fixed wavelength
  • Quantitative; Linear fit and Linear fit through zero two modes
    1. Coefficient, Standard Sample input and Standard Sample read three modes to establish standard curve
    2. Establish A=K1*C+K0, can search original data, graph curve, parameters settings
    3. Can save 240 group curves, can test 240 data in each curve
    4. Double wavelength, Triple wavelength test functions


  • Kinetics; Used for time course scanning or reaction rate calculations △A/t, can search all data.
  • Multi-Wavelength; Can test Transmittance and Abs. with 8 different wavelengths at most
  • Scanning; User can set the scan range from 190nm to 1100nm to test the max. Abs. peak value, can do derivation, arithmetical operations to the graph.
  • Biology; 6 methods: DNA/Protein, UV, Lowry, BCA,CBB and Biuret


Model BK-UV1900BK-UV1900PC BK-V1900


Optical System Single Beam, Grating 1200 lines/mm
Wavelength Range 190-1100nm 320-1100nm
Spectral Bandwidth 2nm



Wavelength Accuracy ± 0.5nm
Wavelength Repeatability ≤ 0.2nm (0.3)
Photometric Accuracy ± 0.002A (0-0.5Abs), ± 0.004A (0.5-1.0Abs), ± 0.5% T (0-100% T) (0.5, 0.004)
Photometric Repeatability 0.001Abs (0-0.5Abs), 0.002Abs (0.5-1.0Abs), ≤ 0.2% T (0-100% T)
Stray Light ≤ 0.04% T @ 360nm; 220nm (0.05)
Stability ± 0.001A / h @ 500nm (0.0008)
Baseline Flatness ± 0.002A
Noise 0.0005Abs  @ 500nm
Display 480 *272  65 thousand true color TFT LCD
Photometric Mode T, A, C, E
Photometric Range 0-200% T,-0.301-3.0A
Detector Silicon Photodiode
Light Source Deuterium Lamp, Tungsten Lamp
Input Membrane Keypad
Output USB2.0*2 Print and data output  USB1.0 Connect PC
Compartment Optional 8 Auto Cell holder, Solid Sample Holder, Micro Cell Holder, 10-100mm Cell Holder

Basic Functions

Model Optical System Wavelength Range Bandwidth Photo-metry QTY MULT KINS Scanning BIO
BK-V1000 Single Beam 325-1020nm 4nm
BK-UV1000 Single Beam 200-1020nm 4nm
BK-V1200 Single Beam 325-1020nm 4nm
BK-UV1200 Single Beam 200-1020nm 4nm
BK-V1600 Single Beam 320-1100nm 4nm
BK-UV1600 Single Beam 190-1100nm 4nm
BK-V1800 Single Beam 320-1100nm 2nm
BK-UV1800 Single Beam 190-1100nm 2nm
BK-V1900 Single Beam 190-1100nm 2nm
BK-UV1900 Single Beam 190-1100nm 2nm
BK-S360 Single Beam 190-1100nm 1.8nm
BK-S380 Single Beam 190-1100nm 1nm
BK-S390 Single Beam 190-1100nm 0.5,1,2,


BK-D560 Double Beam 190-1100nm 1.8nm
BK-D580 Double Beam 190-1100nm 1nm
BK-D590 Double Beam 190-1100nm 0.5,1,2,



PC-Control Software
1. Holmium solution spectra, baseline & scan

2.Quantitative Analysis; standard curve

3. Kinetic Measurment, stability setting

4. Multi-wavelength

5. Protein /DNA measurement

Spectrophotometer brochure


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