MT6120 & MT6130 Polarizing Asbestos Microscope for Fiber Identification

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• DIN standard eyepiece HWF10X and DIN focusing HWF10XF eyepiece with cross-line reticle • Centerable quadruple nosepiece with Semi Plan Strain free objectives, 10X, 20X, 40X
• 10X Dispersion staining objective ∞
• I nity Corrected Optical System F=200mm
• Rotatable stage with graduation 360°, with vernier graduations to 0.1° degree
• Rotatable polarizer in swing-out mount, analyzer and Bertrand lens in sliding mount • Coaxial coarse and ne adjustment with graduation
• Built-in Koehler illuminator with halogen lamp 6V 30W light intensity control.
• Includes First order red plate and Analyzer in sliding mount
• Blue clear daylight lter, 29.8 unmounted
• Coarse and ne focus knobs
• Tension adjustment control for zoom knob rotation adjustment
• Stage lock lever to prevent slide breakage
• Auto-Voltage sensing power supply
• Optional mechanical stage available

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PLM (Polarizing Light Microscopy):

This method is useful for the qualitative identi cation of asbestos and the semi-quantitative determination of asbestos in bulk samples. This method measures the percentage of asbestos as perceived by the analyst in comparison to standard projections, photographs and experience. The quality of the results are dependant upon the skill and judgment of the operator.

The MT6120 & MT6130 Series Asbestos PLM Microscopes for Bulk Fiber Identi cation (NIOSH 9002) The MT6120 & MT6130 Series has been designed as a versatile, modular, ergonomic microscope system which are ideally suited in education, research or advanced laboratory applications. Ergonomic placement of controls allows for stress free operation, increased lab ef ciency and maximum productivity. Transmitted 6V 30W Koehler Halogen illuminator with strain free condenser and strain free ∞ In nity Corrected objectives and a 10X Dispersion Staining Objective. The MT6120 & MT6130 Series offers an outstanding range of features and optical performance with an emphasis on all newly engineered high performance optics based on Meiji Techno’s ICOS Optical System (In nity Corrected Optical System). The new strain free optics, provide exceptionally bright, crisp images, with good color rendition and superior at elds of view.

Package Contents:

  • Viewing Head: Binocular (in MT6120) or Trinocular (inMT6130) series
  • Objective Lenses: Infinity corrected DIN plan strain free brightfield polarizing 10x, 20x, 40xs and 10x central stop dispersion staining objective. Objectives are mounted in centerable quintuple nosepiece.
  • Eyepieces: Siedentopf trinocular head with DIN standard KHW-10x focusing eyepiece with cross-line and guide pin and DIN standard KHW-10x compensating eyepiece, FN 20. Trinocular head has an 80/20 beam splitter for photo work.
  • Total Magnification: 100x, 200x, 400x.
  • Specimen Stage: Rotatable, circular stage with 360° graduations and vernier. Includes two stage clips.
  • Focusing: Coaxial low-positioned coarse and fine focus controls, graduated to 2 microns per division, fitted with tension adjustment and safety auto stop.
  • Polarizer: Rotatable polarizer in swing-out mount with detent at 0° and 90°. Analyzer mounted in slide of East – West insertion. Bertrand lens with field limiting stop mounted in slide for East – West insertion. Includes compensator plate: first order red plate c.550nm.
  • Condenser: Strain free Abbe NA 1.25 condenser includes sliding mount with annulus for 10x, 20x, 40x phase or dispersion staining objectives, iris diaphragm and dovetail mount.
  • Illumination: Built-in transmitted light Koehler illuminator with 6v 30w halogen lamp, including variable intensity control and transformer.
  • Light Focusing: Strain free achromat condenser, NA 1.25, with aperture iris diaphragm and filter holder. Includes blue daylight filter, 29.8mm diameter.
  • Warranty: Meiji Techno warrants this product against defects in material and/or workmanship for the life of the instrument from the date of original purchase to the original purchaser. Electrical warranty is 90 days.
  • Includes: Blue clear daylight filter, dust cover and owner’s manual.

MT6130: Trinocular PLM Asbestos Microscope for NIOSH 9002 Reference Method.  Equipped with a large stable microscope base and limb with graduated coaxial coarse and fine focusing( with safety stop), rack and pinion focusing condenser mount, strain free condenser and  strain free objectives with pre-centered transmitted Koehler illuminator with 6V 30W Halogen lamp with variable intensity control
MA953: Trinocular head, 30° inclination. One eye tube slotted for orientation of cross-line focusing eyepiece dual graduated diopter eyetubes with interpupillary adjustments of 53mm to 75mm

MT6120 & MT6130 Polarizing Asbestos Microscope for Fiber Identification -10637 MT6120 & MT6130 Polarizing Asbestos Microscope for Fiber Identification -10636

MA407CP: KHW-10X focusing eyepiece with cross-line and guide pin,(ea) (21mm reticle mount) (Tube O.D. 23.2mm)
MA407: KHW-10X Compensating eyepiece, F.N.20 (each)(Tube O.D. 23.2mm)

MT6120 & MT6130 Polarizing Asbestos Microscope for Fiber Identification -10638

Nosepiece: Reverse Facing Quadruple ball-bearing with one fixed and three centerable objective apertures
MA936: Strain free Plan objective 10X/N.A. 0.25, W.D. 7.3mm
MA936D: Strain free Plan objective 10X/N.A. 0.25, W.D. 10.6mm (Dispersion Staining Objective)
MA937: Strain free Plan objective 20X/N.A. 0.40, W.D. 7.29mm
MA938: Strain free Plan objective 40XS/N.A. 0.40, W.D. 0.72mm

MT6120 & MT6130 Polarizing Asbestos Microscope for Fiber Identification -10641 MT6120 & MT6130 Polarizing Asbestos Microscope for Fiber Identification -10640

MA954/05: Strain free Abbe condenser, N.A. 1.25, includes sliding mount with annulus for 10X, 20X, 40X phase or dispersion staining objectives, iris diaphragm, dovetail mount

MT6120 & MT6130 Polarizing Asbestos Microscope for Fiber Identification -10642

MA458: Focusing Centering Telescope, 23.2mm O.D.
MA946: Stainless Steel Stage Clips ( 2 pcs.)
MA470/05: First Order Red compensating plate, 530nm for MT6100 (20mm X 6mm X 80mm)
MA471/05: Analyzer (Sliding type for MT6100 Series (26mm X 6mm X 80mm)
MA477/05: Bertrand lens (Sliding type) for MT6100 Series (Built in to frame)
Stage: Rotatable stage with Vernier graduation 360° with Vernier, reading to 1°, 150mm diameter with stainless steel stage clips (Factory Installed)

MT6120 & MT6130 Polarizing Asbestos Microscope for Fiber Identification -10639

Focusing Adjustment: Coaxial coarse and fine focusing controls with graduation reading 2 microns power division.  Incorporates tension adjustment and safety Auto-focus stage stop lever

MT6120 & MT6130 Polarizing Asbestos Microscope for Fiber Identification -10643

MA289/05: Blue clear daylight filter, 29.8mm diameter, unmounted
MA326: Bulb 6V 30W Halogen (Factory Installed)
MA327: Fuse 3 Amp (Factory Installed)
MA809/10: Removable AC Electric cord with plug for 115V models (Included in all 115V models)
MA809/20: Removable AC Electric cord with plug for 220V models (Included in all 220V models)
Polarizer: Swing in-out click/clamp mount, fully rotatable 360° with click stop at 0°and 90°
MA712: Dust cover for MT6100 Series
Manual: Meiji Techno America MT6100 Manual
Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty Card

Product Information:
Manufactured: 100% MADE IN JAPAN
Customer Support: 1-(800) 832-0060 (U.S.A Based)

Package Information:
Weight: 29.0 lbs (8.0 kg)
Box Size: 16 x 14 x 21 inches
Footprint: 263mm (D) x 176mm (W)
Binocular head type: 263 mm(D) x 456mm (H) x 212mm(W) (9.06kg)( 33.0 lbs.)
Trinocular head type: 263 mm(D) x 510mm(H) x 212mm(W) (9.75Kg)( 35.0 lbs.)

Model Head Illumination Eyepieces Objectives Stage Condenser
MT6120 Binocular Transmitted light Koehler Illuminator 6V 30W halogen auto voltage sensing with intensity control (1) KHW10XCP Focusing with guide pin and crossline reticle, (1) KHW 10X, F.N. 20 O.D. 23.2mm DIN Strain Free Plan 10x, 20x, & 40x, & 10x Dispersion Staining Rotatable with 360 degree graduations and vernier Strain Free Abbe N.A. 1.25 w/ slider for dispersion staining objectives
MT6130 Trinocular

Meiji Techno offers a broad range of digital video cameras which offers excellent sensitivity, high resolution and a wide dynamic range for the most demanding brightfield and darkfield microscopy applications including clinical pathology and cytology, life sciences and geology. Some models has included software, that can preview and capture still shots and live videos to a PC or Mac with USB port or HDMI connectivity.


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