BMU200DIC Compact Metallurgical Upright with BF/Pol/DIC Imaging Capabilities

$USD 6,500.00

  • Compact Upright metallurgical microscope,
  • Reflected Only or Reflected & Transmitted illuminations
  • Bright field, polarization and DIC Nomarsky observation system
  • Monocular or trinocular viewing head
  • Extral wide field eyepiece EW10×/22, eyepiece tube Φ30mm
  • Infinite Plan Achromatic Objectives of  10x (included) and optional 5x, 20x
  • Optional design of inverted mode.

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BMU200DIC Metallurgical Microscope is mainly used in biology, medicine, agriculture and industrial reasrch area. It is the ideal instrument to be a part of an imaging device, for teaching demonstration and scientific research.

Highlighted features are:

–High Quality Infinity Opitcal System
–Monocular, Trincular Head Optional
–DIC Slide For 5x/10x/20x Objective
–Strain-free Infinity LWD Plan Achromatic 5x,10x,20x Optional
–Polarizing System, Switch In/Out Of Light Path

BMU200DIC Compact Metallurgical Upright with BF/Pol/DIC Imaging Capabilities

BMU200DIC Metallurgical Microscope M T
System Infinity Optical System, Total Magnification 100x

(Optional: 50x-200x)

Mechanical Tube Length ∞
Objective Conjugate Distance∞
Head Monocular


Trinocular Head, 30° Inclined, Light Separate Ratio 80:20


Eyepiece WF10x/18mm, Eyepiece Tube Dia.23.2mm, Parfocal Distance 10mm
Objective Strainfree LWD Infinity Plan Achromatic PL10x/0.25, W.D.20.2mm
Working Stage Double Layer Mechanical Stage 180*145mm, Moving Range 35*30mm
Focusing Coaxial Coarse & Fine Focus Knob, Tension Adjustable, Minimum Division 0.002mm, Height Adjustable 133mm, Max Sample Height 130mm
DIC DIC Slide Match 5x/10x/20x Objectives, Horizontal Adjustable
Polarizing Polarizer, 360° Rotatable, Switch In/Out
Analyser, Switch In/Out
Light Source Coaxial Illumination, High Light LED, Brightness Adjustable
Power Wide Range Voltage 85~265V, 50/60Hz
Optional Accessories
Eyepiece WF15x/11mm BMU2-E15
WF20x/11mm BMU2-E20
Objective Strain-free LWD Infinity Plan Achromatic PL5x/0.1, W.D.18.2mm BMU2-5X
Strainfree LWD Infinity Plan Achromatic PL20x/0.4, W.D.8.8mm BMU2-20
Adapter CCD Adapter 0.4x BMU2-0.4X
CCD Adapter 0.5x BMU2-0.5X
CCD Adapter 1.0x BMU2-1.0X
CCD Adapter 0.5x With Dividing 0.1mm/Divv BMU2-0.5XD
Digital SLR Camera Adapter for Canon EF Series BMU2-SLR
Main parameters Total magnification 100X (standard configure)50x-200x (Optional)
Mechanical tube length
Conjugate distance of objective
Eyepiece achromatic Wide-field plan eyepiece SWF 10X
field of view number
Eyepiece interfaceФ30mm Parfocal distance10mm
Trinocular Observation angle of 30° with photography port, beam split ratio 80%:20%
Strain-free plan achromatic objective Magnification Numerical aperture Working distance (mm) Thickness of cover glass (mm) Remarks
10X 0.25 20.2
Analyzer Insert type,can be switch freely,the direction of polarization has preset, no use for adjust
Polarizer Insert type,can be switch freely,360°rotatable
DIC Slider DIC slider matching 5X/10X/20X objective,horizontal adjustable
X-Y Stage
double layer mechanism stage, size:180 X 145mm,moving range:35X 30 mm(X-Y)
Vertical availability distance Focus system available distance 133mm, observational specimen maximal thickness up to 130mm.
focus system Coaxial coarse/fine focus system, minimum division of fine focusing: 2μm
Illumination Coaxial illumination using high brightness white LED. Brightness adjustable
Main power supply AC:85V~265V 50/60Hz,fuse specification:250V 3.0A
Accessory (optional) Objective
20X strain-free plan achromatic objective,NA:0.40,working distance:8.0mm
Digital camera 1.3, 3.0, 5.0 , 10 mega pixels,with image analysis software.
BMU200DIC Compact Metallurgical Upright with BF/Pol/DIC Imaging Capabilities BMU200DIC Compact Metallurgical Upright with BF/Pol/DIC Imaging Capabilities
BMU200M with Monocular BMU200T with Trinocular head

Transmitted illumination is available by using a different stand which has a transmitted LED.

The system can be customized for inverted mode.


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