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BMU200DIC Compact Metallurgical Upright with BF/Pol/DIC Imaging Capabilities

  • Compact Upright metallurgical microscope,
  • Reflected Only or Reflected & Transmitted illuminations
  • Bright field, polarization and DIC Nomarsky observation system
  • Monocular or trinocular viewing head
  • Extral wide field eyepiece EW10×/22, eyepiece tube Φ30mm
  • Infinite Plan Achromatic Objectives of  10x (included) and optional 5x, 20x
  • Optional design of inverted mode.

$USD 6,500.00 $USD 8,000.00

BMU200DIC Metallurgical Microscope is mainly used in biology, medicine, agriculture and industrial reasrch area. It is the ideal instrument to be a part of an imaging device, for teaching demonstration and scientific research.

Highlighted features are:

–High Quality Infinity Opitcal System
–Monocular, Trincular Head Optional
–DIC Slide For 5x/10x/20x Objective
–Strain-free Infinity LWD Plan Achromatic 5x,10x,20x Optional
–Polarizing System, Switch In/Out Of Light Path

BMU200DIC Compact Metallurgical Upright with BF/Pol/DIC Imaging Capabilities

BMU200DIC Metallurgical MicroscopeMT
SystemInfinity Optical System, Total Magnification 100x

(Optional: 50x-200x)

Mechanical Tube Length ∞
Objective Conjugate Distance∞


Trinocular Head, 30° Inclined, Light Separate Ratio 80:20


EyepieceWF10x/18mm, Eyepiece Tube Dia.23.2mm, Parfocal Distance 10mm
ObjectiveStrainfree LWD Infinity Plan Achromatic PL10x/0.25, W.D.20.2mm
Working StageDouble Layer Mechanical Stage 180*145mm, Moving Range 35*30mm
FocusingCoaxial Coarse & Fine Focus Knob, Tension Adjustable, Minimum Division 0.002mm, Height Adjustable 133mm, Max Sample Height 130mm
DICDIC Slide Match 5x/10x/20x Objectives, Horizontal Adjustable
PolarizingPolarizer, 360° Rotatable, Switch In/Out
Analyser, Switch In/Out
Light SourceCoaxial Illumination, High Light LED, Brightness Adjustable
PowerWide Range Voltage 85~265V, 50/60Hz
Optional Accessories
ObjectiveStrain-free LWD Infinity Plan Achromatic PL5x/0.1, W.D.18.2mmBMU2-5X
Strainfree LWD Infinity Plan Achromatic PL20x/0.4, W.D.8.8mmBMU2-20
AdapterCCD Adapter 0.4xBMU2-0.4X
CCD Adapter 0.5xBMU2-0.5X
CCD Adapter 1.0xBMU2-1.0X
CCD Adapter 0.5x With Dividing 0.1mm/DivvBMU2-0.5XD
Digital SLR Camera Adapter for Canon EF SeriesBMU2-SLR
Main parametersTotal magnification100X (standard configure)50x-200x (Optional)
Mechanical tube length
Conjugate distance of objective
Eyepieceachromatic Wide-field plan eyepieceSWF 10X
field of view number
Eyepiece interfaceФ30mmParfocal distance10mm
TrinocularObservation angle of 30° with photography port, beam split ratio 80%:20%
Strain-free plan achromatic objectiveMagnificationNumerical apertureWorking distance (mm)Thickness of cover glass (mm)Remarks
AnalyzerInsert type,can be switch freely,the direction of polarization has preset, no use for adjust
PolarizerInsert type,can be switch freely,360°rotatable
DIC SliderDIC slider matching 5X/10X/20X objective,horizontal adjustable
X-Y Stage
double layer mechanism stage, size:180 X 145mm,moving range:35X 30 mm(X-Y)
Vertical availability distanceFocus system available distance 133mm, observational specimen maximal thickness up to 130mm.
focus systemCoaxial coarse/fine focus system, minimum division of fine focusing: 2μm
IlluminationCoaxial illumination using high brightness white LED. Brightness adjustable
Main power supplyAC:85V~265V 50/60Hz,fuse specification:250V 3.0A
Accessory (optional)Objective
20X strain-free plan achromatic objective,NA:0.40,working distance:8.0mm
Digital camera1.3, 3.0, 5.0 , 10 mega pixels,with image analysis software.
BMU200DIC Compact Metallurgical Upright with BF/Pol/DIC Imaging CapabilitiesBMU200DIC Compact Metallurgical Upright with BF/Pol/DIC Imaging Capabilities
BMU200M with MonocularBMU200T with Trinocular head

Transmitted illumination is available by using a different stand which has a transmitted LED.

The system can be customized for inverted mode.

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