BIM500 Inverted Biological Microscope

$USD 1,999.00

  • BIM500FL Inverted Biological Microscope
  • 4x, 10x Ph, 20x Ph, 40x objective lenses included plus several optional obj lenses.
  • Optional to upgrade to fluorescence and polarizing imaging
  • Trinocular head; Top video port

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BIM500 Inverted Biological Microscope Introduction:

This microscope is a high level microscope which is specially designed for medical and health units, universities, research institutes to observe cultured living cells. It adopts an Infinite optical system, reasonable structure and ergonomic design. With an innovative optical and structure design idea, excellent optical performance and easy to operate system, this inverted biological microscope makes your works enjoyable. It has a trinocular head, so digital camera or digital eyepiece can be add to the trinocular head take photos and videos.


BIM500 Inverted microscope is used by medical and health units, universities, research institutes for observations of micro-organisms, cells, bacteria and tissue cultivation. It can be used for continuous observation of process of cells, bacteria grow and divide in the culture medium. Videos and images can be taken during the process. This microscope is widely used in cytology, parasitology, oncology, immunology, genetic engineering, industrial microbiology, botany and other fields.

1. Excellent optical function with infinitive optical system.
2. Innovative stand structure, sharp image display, convenient and special for viewing incubating cell tissue.

With LWD Infinitive Plan Objective, Making Viewing Field Flatter and Brighter, Contrast Sharper, Living Cell Observing easier
Advanced and Reliable Mechanical Stage with Knob Height and Tightness Adjustable
Different Holders for Various Observations
With pre-centerable Phase Annulus, Available to Observe Low Contrast or Transparent Specimens

BIM500 Inverted Biological Microscope

BIM500 Inverted Biological Microscope



  • This microscope is a great choice for the entry level. It is an excellent choice for new startup companies and new faculty members, principal investigators.
  • It generates the images which are absolutely fine for publications.
  • you can upgrade it to fluorescence imaging later.
  • It is the cheapest product among the inverted biological microscopes.


  • The mechanical XY stage is not included in the package. You can buy it during the check out or later if you do not need right away.
  • It uses Mercury bulb. Its life time is limited. Replacing with LED is a great idea but requires extra fee.
  • Some people complain about the halogen lapm-house. If you like to not have any unstable light source, simply choose white LED right at the beginning. You need to contact us.
Viewing Head Trinocular Head Inclined at30°, Interpupillary Distance48-75mm
Eyepiece High-point, Extra Wide Field Eyepiece EW10×/ 22
Objective LWD (Long Working Distance) Infinite Plan Objective 4×/ 0.1, WD 18mm
10×/ 0.25, WD 10mm
20×/ 0.4, WD 5.1mm
40×/ 0.6, WD 2.6mm
Infinite Plan Phase Objective PH10×/ 0.25, WD 10 mm
PH20×/ 0.4, WD 5.1mm
PH40×/ 0.65, WD 0.35mm
Nosepiece Quintuple Nosepiece
Condenser ELWD (Extra Long Working Distance) Condenser NA 0.3, LWD 72mm (Without Condenser 150mm)
Centering Centering Telescope (Φ30MM)
Phase Annulus 10×-20×, 40× Phase Annulus Plate(Center Fixed)
10×-20×, 40× Phase Annulus Plate(Center Adjustable)
Stage Plain Stage 160×250mm
Glass Insert
Attachable Mechanical Stage, X-Y Coaxial Control,Moving Rang120mm×78mm
Auxiliary Stages 70mm×180mm
Terasaki Holder
Φ38mm Petri Dish Holder
Φ54mm Slide Glass Holder
Focusing Coaxial Coarse and Fine Adjustment, Vertical Objective Movement, Coarse Stroke 37.7mm per Rotation, Fine Stroke 0.2mm per Rotation
Illumination Halogen Lamp 6V/30W
Filter Diameter 45mm, Blue, Green and Ground Glass
Photo Attachment Photo Attachment
Video Adapter Video Adapter with C Mount
Fluorescence Attachment Inverted Fluorescence Attachment FI-100
Dimension& G.W. 46.5cm*39.5cm*64cm, 15.5kg

Note: “●”In Table Is Standard outfits, “○” Is Optional Accessories.

Fluorescence attachment is an optional for upgrade.

This microscope is one of our best selling products and has been sold to many places  cross the world. If you need a reference, please fee free to contact us. Some examples of custom microscope of this model

  1. Canada:
    1. University of Toronto (U of T)
    2. University of British Columbia (UBC), Vancouver, BC
    3. University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario
    4. Concordia University, Toronto, Ontario
    5. Héma-Québec, Québec, QC
    6. Sick Kids Hospital, Toronto, Ontario
    7. Canadian Blood Services, Ottawa, Ontario
    8. Waterloo University, Waterloo, Ontario
    9. York University, Toronto, Ontario
  2. USA:
    1. Stanford University, Stanford, California
    2. National Institutes of Health (NIH), Bethesda, MD and other branches of NIH.
    3. UC Davis Health, Davis, California
    4. AREVA Med, Plano, Texas
    5. Bioqual Inc.Rockville, Maryland
    6. Lucerna, Inc., Brooklyn, New York
    7. Molecular Technologies Laboratories, Columbus, Ohio
  3. Germany:
    1. University of Cologne
    2. University of Wuerzburg
    3. Private Company
  4. UK: Private Organizations
  5. Australia: CSIRO-Store, CLAYTON, VIC
  6. Argentina: Universidad Nacional de Río Cuarto
  7. Mexico: Biotechnologia Veterinaria
  8. Saudi Arabia: King Faisal Hospital
  9. Yemen: Private Firm

Contact information of the private organizations will be shared after checking with them.


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