BI3V 0.6x-5.6x Digital 2D-3D Viewer Video Inspection Microscope

$USD 2,499.00

  • 0.7x-4.5x zoom lens or optional 0.6x-5.0x magnification
  • 3D viewer zo0om lens
  • 16MP, 8MP, 6MP or 2MP High Definition Camera
  • 12″ Ultra HD Monitor (Optional)
  • Stand
  • Ring LED
  • Optional transmitted light

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We are excited to introduce you to our newest product: the BI3V series Digital 3D Viewer Video Inspection Microscope. This cutting-edge microscope is designed to meet the demands of industrial applications, providing high-resolution imaging with advanced analysis and visualization capabilities.

The BI3V series Digital 3D Viewer Video Inspection Microscope is equipped with a 3D viewer, a digital camera and software that allow for image capture, analysis, and sharing. Its high-quality optics and advanced imaging technology provide a 360 degree viewing of a sample at all magnifications, high-resolution images with greater clarity and detail. The unique feature of the 3D visualization capability of this microscope is to allow you to view and analyze specimens from multiple angles, not only at all magnification but also at all extended magnifications up to 3x.

In the industrial sector, the BI3V Digital 3D Viewer Video Inspection Microscope has a wide range of applications. It can be used in quality control and inspection processes, allowing you to identify defects and imperfections in products and materials. It can also be used in research and development, providing insights into the properties and behavior of materials at the mili and micro scales.

The BI3V microscope’s software is user-friendly and allows for easy analysis and measurement of images, saving time and improving the accuracy of your inspections and research. The microscope’s digital capabilities also allow for easy sharing of images and data with colleagues and collaborators.

In conclusion, the BI3V series Digital 3D Viewer Video Inspection Microscope is a powerful tool for industrial applications. Its advanced imaging technology, high-quality optics, and 3D visualization capabilities make it an invaluable tool for quality control, inspection, and research and development. We are excited to offer this product to our customers, and we are confident that it will help you take your industrial applications to the next level. Thank you for your attention, and we look forward to serving your microscopy needs with this groundbreaking product.


  •  Advanced Optical System, Low Distoration, High Definition, Large Field of View, Super Depth of Field(≥6mm) and Good Parfocality.
  •  New Design, Easy Operation
  •  Manual 36° 2D/ 3D Rotary Observation Lens Attachment
  •  Super Long Working Distance, Standard W.D: 95mm
  •  Auto-focus for Different Digital and Analog Cameras
  •  Compact, Practical and Cost-effective

BI3V 0.6x-5.6x Digital 2D-3D Viewer Video Inspection Microscope 

Field of application:

PCB or Electronics inspection, Industrial inspection / quality control, Instrument, Mould, Education, Collection, Beauty industry, Health Care, Biology, research Laboratory

Software Application on Windows:

BIOIMAGER software provides snapshot, video recording, reviewing, comparison, measurement, and etc.

Zoom Range 0.7X-4.5X
Fram Rate 60 fps via HDMI

30 fps via USB

Resolution 6MP (3264×1840),

or 2MP (1920×1080)

Total Magnification 7X—45X (extend to 30x-180x, 60x-360x)
Monitor 11.7″

Optical Parameter

Objective Lens 0.5X 1X 2X
N.A. 0.0058-0.041 0.012-0.08 0.014-0.1
Res.(lp/mm) 35.8-238 41-298
MAG. 0.16X-1.13X 0.32X-2.27X 0.65X-4.55X
D.O.F.(mm) 16.3-0.33 6-0.086 2.8-0.055
W.D.(mm) 190 95 45.6
F.O.V.(mm) 1/2″ 50-7 25-3.5 12.3-1.8

System Setup



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