Biological LCD

BIM500FLD Digital LCD Inverted Epi-Fluorescnce Biological Microscope
Microscopes with LCD or LED monitors are perfect for sharing the iamges in teaching labs. Edcuational and reasearch centers are always ask us to customzie microscope with desired size of TV monitContinue Reading...
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Showing 10–11 of 11 results

Biological Microscopes with LCD


BIOIMAGER signature product, BLM series digital LCD microscopes, integrates traditional optics and digital technology. A built-in digital camera in the head of the microscopes helps users observe image on LCD screen and ocular at the same time. It supports USB and display real-time image on TV and PC at the same time. These microscopes make the observation more comfortable and resolve the fatigue caused by using a traditional microscope for a long time.

These microscopes integrate magnification, digital enlarge, imaging display, capture photo and video, store captured photos and videos on the optional SD card. Users can transfer images and videos to PC via included USB cable.


  • Varity observation mode: Observe image on LCD screen and ocular at the same time; display real-time image on TV and PC at the same time.
  • TFT LCD screen , High Definition or Ultra HD Retina Display with digital zooming.
  • Built-in digital camera facilitates capturing images, video and audio with no messy wires or power cords.
  • Expandable to SD Card slot for more storage capacity.
  • Support Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10 and equipped with powerful image processing software.
  • Integrated traditional optics and digital technology.


BLM series LCD microscopes are widely used in teaching, medical, biological, clinical, vet, industrial and scientific research fields.


The LCD microscopes are offered at various models for all microscopes and BIOIMAGER has great collections of all models, such as biological, clinical, educational, upright, inverted, fluorescence, stereo, polarized, gemological, metallurgical, industrial, etc. Please check below the comparison table for these different models.


BIOIMAGER is professional in microscopy-based imaging systems for life science and engineering applications and offers custom-design of LCD microscopes based on your imaging requirements and budget limits. For this specific case, we also offer fancy design touch screens together with customized digital camera and microscope.