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Live Cell Imaging

Live cell imaging is the study of the life of living cells / organisms using a time-lapse video microscopy in which the cells are kept at the closest conditions to a regular laboratory incubator. Live cell imaging is used by scientists and researchers to obtain a better understanding of dynamic events occur at cellular level under microscope.
What do you need to have to be able to get clear, stable and long-term images of your cells?

There are two approaches:

1. Use a classical microscope, camera and mount a miniature incubator / chamber on the microscope and also provide a gas, temperature and humidity;

2. Use an Incubator Microscope which is small enough to keep inside a laboratory incubator, for instance IncuScope.

For most of the live cell imaging using the classical method, you will need at least these items beside a great microscope and camera:

  1. A microscope
  2. A Camera
  3. A physical chamber, in which you can culture your cells. The chamber should allow easily installation and removal of the cell culture in a container such as well-plate, petri-dish, tissue culture flasks, micro-slide etc.
  4. A gas supplier, which can be a digital or analog gas mixer which provides the gas for your cells. The types include a mixed of CO2 and air, and mixed of CO2, O2, and N2.
  5. A temperature controller, which allows to control temperature inside the chamber, outside the chamber and also surrounding the objective lenses to avoid drift focus (otherwise you will see blurry images due to ambient temperature fluctuation over time).
  6. A gas humidifier, this is simply a flow of premixed gas passes through water in a closed system.
  7. A glass-bottom dish or plate
  8. Lens Heater, to keep the lens not affected from the room temperature fluctuations.
  9. Shutter, to block the light if you do not need it during the waiting time and also avoid photobleaching and phototoxicity.
  10. A phenol-free medium

In this category, you can find Live Cell Imaging Chambers, Miniature Incubators,Heating stage, Digital gas mixer,  Temperature control, Objective lens heater, etc; Customized for all brands of fluorescent & confocal microscopes.

Still have a question, use this Live Cell Imaging Selection Questionnaire.

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